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Living in a parking lot
Our half duplex was situated right in the middle of a big parking lot. Luckily we had a reserved spot. Our friend was renting to us. He also had the other side of the half duplex. We wanted to buy out our unit and the other one so we could rent them out, but he did not agree to that.
I worked about ten blocks away, seemingly in a meat packing plant. I walked there. I was going home for a quick break when the weather turned nasty. The sky turned black and I knew there would be a thunderstorm. I took shelter in a stairway, leading to a Chinese woman's apartment. I visited with her briefly. I think we had some deep conversations about life and what I needed to do. I moved on. The weather was already better. When I came home there was a very pretty Filipino woman there cutting my husbands hair. He was dressed in a full green military camouflage uniform that bordered on ceremonial, complete with a wedge hat. Our friend was also there in the other part of the duplex, seemingly preparing it for renting or selling. His truck was parked in the parking lot.
I told my husband I would be back for lunch and scurried off back to work. When I got there a table turned on its side was blocking the way in. I got around it and went back to work.

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