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Astral Trips.
Several dream-experience "trips", per my notes this morning:

1. I had learned that my brother-in-law Keith C. had passed on, accident. My estranged family had not bothered to tell me. I summoned my mother and father, both crossed over. I demanded to know why they had not been loving and respectful enough to me to tell me about Keith's death. They both simply stood there.
2. I was with my husband, K (crossed over 6/11). He had "summoned" my sister and her husband, David, both "still among the living". If anyone still thinks those who crossed over suddenly shed their earthly personalities and become sweet, calm and angelic, wearing purple robes and playing harps, I must emphasize that this simply does not happen. My husband was madder than a wet hen at my sister and her husband, stomping around in his hurt and his fury. He told them that they had caused plenty of trouble for us while he was on earth, and that they both continued to cause trouble and harm and hurt even while (my husband) had left the earthly realm. My sister and her husband stood there stoically, bearing all of the indicators of those within the dream state, but out of body. In other words, the face of the light body becomes rather rigid, with an almost zombie quality to facial expressiveness. In other words, they were "there", but not quite there, not quite conscious. So, they just stood there and took the tongue-lashing.
3. I was in a rural farm setting, in a farm house with an unknown woman, who observed the dried textured vegetable protein I had soaking (for hydration, this is indeed happening in real life), picking out a few and eating them, to try them. She asked me what I intended to do with them, and I told her I was making a vegetable soup. Although bland, the next time I looked over, I saw that she had eaten the whole bowl.
4. Half here, half there, I partially awakened and observed a contact, Dr. A. G. within this physical cottage. Initially alarmed, I figured out that he had "visited" here out of body, likely without any awareness or recall that he had done so. This has happened with various friends, contacts and family members in the past. It can be disconcerting, as one sleepily tries to figure out what is being observed, and if it is real or within other realms.

Note: vibrational state intense, hypnagogic. I did use the SAM CD for about 15 min. prior to sleep.

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