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The Move.
(I utilized Monroe SAM technology for about 10 minutes, entered vibrational state, light to moderate, and fell asleep. This from my notes.)

I am in an unknown suburban location. The setting is somewhat darkened, as in twilight. There are three vehicles (note: vehicles i.e. planes, trains and automobiles, are generally the manner in which the mind translates out of body travels, for it tries to make sense out of that which it perceives to be utterly irrational) in a paved driveway. The farthest vehicle has a huge stainless steel trailer hitched to it, and the trailer is "askew" (from my notes) to the positioning of the vehicle. My mother (passed 6/09) and father (passed 10/03) come out of a dwelling, explaining they need to borrow my own vehicle for an imminent move. They are a bit frenzied. I agree to loan them my vehicle. Off they go. With some lucidity, I detected that my husband (passed 6/11) is with me, and note this is extraordinary inasmuch as he has "visited" me almost every single night, and I had never read of something like this occurring with such predictable frequency. I have, however, no memory as to what he was telling me or showing me. But, he was right there with me. So, my mother and father sped off, borrowing my vehicle. After awhile, I realized they had not yet returned with my vehicle, and I needed it for my own "work" (that's the word in my notes). I was puzzled and a little irritated with my parents about this.

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