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helicopter down
Big city- no identifiers (buildings like the Needle in Seattle)- city could be LA/Hollywood, or Chicago. A big city with an airport nearby yet the craft didn't make it there.
People running inside buildings screaming an airplane is going to crash here- RUN, GET OUT !!!
I was in a building hearing the rotor blades of a helicopter and voices over a radio with a 'mayday'.
"parts are messed up. Can't get proper screen/dials to land, computer down"
I went to a window to look up and saw on a rooftop
the nose of an aircraft hanging over the edge. I thought it was a small private jet but someone behind me said it was the helicopter. I couldn't see wings or blades to confirm that as it was
hard to identify at that moment.
It had crash landed while people ran out of buildings to safety.
I heard someone say it belonged to a studio mogul with celebrities or VIP's on board.

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