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More trips and visits.
(I do realize my dreams, so far, are not exactly pre-cog, but - rather - trips, visits and experiences with both the living appearing in another state of consciousness, together with those who have already transitioned (passed on). These are limited experiences from last night, per my notes. My recall was poor. There had been many other experiences, but I have no memory. Additionally, I had used the SAM for about 10 minutes before entering the sleep state.)

Former friend Rick (among the living) appeared, explaining he had been hired to host a party at an upstate New York community center. He asked if I would join him there. I agreed. I headed off to the destination, in a "vehicle", then, developing brake troubles. I pulled off into a service station, where the attendant, after examining the vehicle, indicated the problem was chiefly tie-rod ends, not the brakes. I was puzzled as my problem had been "no brakes". It seemed I would be stuck there. Then, the Cosmic Jukebox began to play, as linked below.

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