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Mermaid, Doppelgangers, and Giants
I had several really weird dreams last night. I guess weird dreams wouldn't be a new thing for me, but it's really hard to make anything out of these dreams at all. Maybe because the dreams are broken... I've been having neck problems and woke up several times in pain with a stiff, sore neck.

The first dream started out with me running away and trying to hide from something by jumping into the ocean. I held my breath as long as I could, but when I began to hurt, I accidentally gasped to find that I could breath under water. So now I was swimming in the ocean watching all of these earth changes when I come across two islands. There is a giant on each island and they begin to fight, but when they see me swimming, they both fall all over themselves trying to catch me, but I am able to swim away swiftly because I have become a mermaid.

In the next dream, I was in a house with my husband. We were not getting along and I was trying to watch a movie on a large television. He was acting like a jerk, so I left where I was to watch the movie in a crowded public place (Some open area filled with people with a large TV just hanging out in the open), but after I left, he came looking for me, and once he found me he would not leave me alone, insisting that I go back and watch the movie with him. I was really tired of him being so ugly to me, so I told him I would not... Some time later, I notice that the people around me were different. They were being replaced with "fake" people. This really freaked me out, so I ran from the crowd hoping to find a group of normal people. As I ran, I felt like maybe only 50% of the people I saw were "real" people and the rest were some kind of odd doppelgangers. I looked into the sky and saw these planes flying over us. They released lines of fluffy yellow-orange stuff. It reminded me of shaving cream the way it came out thick and fluffy and then expanded, and I thought to myself "My God, they are going to block out the sun and we're all going to die!". Then I notice people being captured by the "fakes" and I can now recognize the fakes because they have yellowish-orange lips to match the stuff I saw in the sky. So I ran into a bathroom. Its my mother's bathroom from the home I grew up in and her makeup is spread out all over the counter. I worried about getting into trouble for messing with it, but didn't feel like I had much of a choice, so I dug around in her makeup until I found a yellow-orange colored lipstick. I put it on and walked out trying to blend in with all the fakes. I had to walk in a stiff robot-like way in order to blend in, but broke my cover when I saw these fake people gang up on a family with small children. I fought with the fakes knowing that I wouldn't win, but had hoped that it would buy the family enough time to escape. As a result, I was captured and sent to be punished. I was thrown in front of a man who was an Imam but he was wearing a hat that looked like a Pope hat. It was white and had a gold cross on top of it. I was told that I would be punished in one of four ways and they spun a wheel which had 4 shapes on it. The arrow landed on a triangle and they informed me that I would be punished by fire. They guided me to a tiny structure that looked a bit like an outhouse with a spiked seat in it. They were going to strap me to the torture seat and set me on fire, but I woke up.

The last dream I had was probably the weirdest of all... I had become friends with a giant. We were having a good time talking about all sorts of things. I can't remember all of what was said, but I recall the giant being really funny, and he was so big, he could pick me up with thumb and forefinger. Anyway, he told me that he wanted to "take me out"... so he dropped me into a blue and green balloon and blew it up a bit, then put that balloon into another black balloon and blew that one up all the way then tied the balloon to a string and walked outside with me. I could see him walking around with the balloon in his hand in my mind, even though all I could see inside was black. This really, REALLY upset me, because that kind of darkness scares me. But I held it together for a little while. Eventually, I started getting upset thinking that maybe he had forgotten that I was in the balloon... and then I got angry that he was acting like I wasn't a little person with little feelings in there. I mean, sure, I was a lot smaller than him, but I was still a little person! (As I'm reading what I write, "Horton Hears a Who" comes to mind...) Anyway, I start kicking at the side of the balloon I'm in and screaming for him to let me out. Then there is a pop, and I am floating around in the other balloon. It looks like outer space in there, but there is light now and I can at least see my hands a bit... but after a while I start getting upset again and begin yelling for him to let me out. He tells me that he thinks this is a bad idea and that he didn't think I was ready to come out, but I explained to him that I really didn't like being in that balloon and I was worried that he was going to forget about me. Suddenly there is another pop and I am sitting on his shoulder. The light was burning my eyes, probably from being in the dark so long, but when my eyes adjusted... I looked across a beautiful park to see two lizard men playing chess.They were playing chess with little people like me, which gave me the creeps. I was worried that if they captured me, I might become a toy or chess piece too...

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