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The Archons!
(Backdrop: This dream-experience may, indeed, be the result of mind clutter from the day before. I simply do not know. There may be a few of you recommending a rubber suit for me! Ha! During the past few months, I have been tenaciously and objectively researching the subject of the Gnostic Books Archons. Are they real? Where are they? What sort of a threat do they pose to humanity? Or, is this all utter nonsense? The topic is COMPELLING. I even took a chance and wrote directly to Dr. Thomas Campbell, NASA physicist, and asked him point-blank: Are Archons real? A response from his colleague was received: Dr. Campbell does not refer to them as Archons. He calls them anti-rats, and we are the rats within the maze". Cryptic. In recent weeks, I had begun to work with a virologist and his team, who consistently maintains humanity has been "infected" by the Archons; resulting in profound DNA corruption, courtesy of the Salk and Sabin vaccines, and all vaccines from then on. As many of you already know, both the Salk and Sabin vaccines contained SV-40, the Simian Cancer Virus, introduced in all of us via all vaccine programs from mid-1950s through and including 1999 (those batches also contained the SV-40 seeds, made from monkey renal cancer cells and tissue). The introduction of SV-40 (this is confirmed, not a theory) has caused an explosion in cancer rates, with 1 out of every 2 men and 1 out of every 3 women now contracting deadly cancer (mostly soft tissue types, and including HIV). We have sorta all become chimeras. Anyhoo, my dream experience from last night, per my journal.)

In an out of body state, with vibrational state also detected, physical, I was conversing with this Patrick, the virologist, whom I never met in person. I was calmly trying to explain to him that we are all not really "physical". I further explained that we are temporarily animating the physical body here on earth, but that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, but not physical beings having a spiritual experience (not those exact words, but that was the sense of the dialogue). I stated that our consciousness, our personalities, our memories, all that makes us "who we are", operates separately from the physical body, but tethered to it, through the brain and the heart. I said our brains acted more like receivers and even as a translator between "here and there". I was trying to explain to him that "they" can corrupt all they wish, but our cores are not corruptible. This Patrick sat there silently, listening, but not responding.

That's it, from my notes. Very,very freaky experience.
Very interesting,  thank you for posting your dream.

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