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Disturbed dream-experiences continue...
#1. A male voice, giddy, like in a t.v. game show. Announcing...#1 is LifeBuoy (note: as in the soap), #2 is (cannot remember) #3 is (cannot remember) and #4 is Life Boats. The correct answer is #4, Life Boats!

#2. I am in a darkened office building; and my new "boss" is the same "boss" I had decades ago, Mary Jean, whom I recently learned had passed on from cancer "in real life". There is another employee with me, whom I am not allowed to see. Mary Jean asks me if I remembered to pick up the Easter "pouches". I "saw" a brief glimpse of what she was talking about. Little linen satchels that she intended to place Easter eggs or gifts or candy into. What the heck? She said she needed 32 pouches. Then, she said she would be satisfied with 32 "plain brown" Easter baskets, and could I not get these from Kresge's next door. I am really confused here. I am trying frantically to figure this environment out; I look at a computer, and determine that it is a New York State holiday; so, why am I there and why is this business open? None of this is making sense to me. Suddenly, outside, a vehicle parks at the curb, and we run out. A dirty, disheveled handicapped man gets out, and we can see that he has all sorts of puppies and kittens in the vehicle with him. Mary Jean determines this is abusive, and begins to liberate the kittens from the man's car (he does not care), handing them to me. I bring them into the office building for care. There is a dead puppy in front of the man's vehicle; it had jumped out, and he ran over it, with not a care in the world. As I am trying to tend to these kittens, some newborns, mostly golds and tigers - grey and white - I look out the plate glass window and see Mary Jean swinging a golf club in a frenzy in the grass. She appears to be out of her ever-loving mind. As I walk out there to find out what is happening, I see that she accidentally hit one kitten straggler with the club, and I grab it up, bringing it inside (it is a female kitten, gold in color), inspecting it over for injury. The kitten appeared to be no worse for the wear and OK.

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