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Strange Days.
Experience #1: I am showing a Russian dynamo flashlight to my father (crossed over, 2003). It is orange, and I am depressing the handle in order to show my father how it works.
Experience #2: Zombies! I am in an unknown environment, dark and sinister, with structures and lots of staircases. I am being chased by zombies. I keep finding another staircase to climb, to get away from them, as I am told that I will ultimately be "infected" too, just like them. I run into an old family friend, Fred M. (I just Googled him, and he appears to still be among the living) and Fred was oblivious to the danger swirling around us.
Experience #3: I am in Albany, NY, traveling in a vehicle (manual transmission) with the music playing parallel to the Hudson River. Suddenly, out of the river arrives massive 18-foot alligators, with heads about 3-1/2 feet wide. They are being rode by men, like a bronco-buster, to shore. As the alligator snouts hit shore, I am trying to avoid rolling over them in the vehicle. I am followed by another small car. We reach the destination, and my car is taken by an unknown man, who gets in, saying, "Good! At least a car with a good sound system" and he cranks up the music and takes off, with me warning him about the alligators.
Experience #4: I see a thermometer, no, make that two thermometers. One says negative 11. The other reads positive 11. I say to myself, "that's how low it got here last November"...

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