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Dream-experience: I am in a vehicle outside a large hotel in Albany, NY, just a short distance from the airport. My friend Gloria (whom I have not seen or heard from in decades) is inside the hotel, obtaining information about a convention. I am applying last-minute lipstick touch-up, except I cannot find my lipstick. I "borrow" Gloria's make-up case and lipstick, apply the lipstick, and take a look in the cosmetic mirror. It is a bit freaky looking at oneself in a mirror, while one is in an out-of-body-state. Second time this has happened to me in less than ten days. I look like myself, except the lipstick color is hideous, a dark silvery red that I would never ordinarily wear. I begin to hear the sounds of aircraft. I jump out of the car, and look up into the sky. There are two (I say to myself "jet fighters", but these are shaped more like stealth craft) grey jets flying together, using movements that jet fighters could not use. The craft movements were supernatural. I watch, trying to figure out what I am seeing, and quite suddenly, a pickup truck - nose down - plunges downward from the skies, embedding itself within the pavement. The man inside is screaming, "help me! help me!". This is followed by a Cosmic Jukebox, linked below:

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