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5/26/15 MAJOR ANOMALY! Chani with a Red Alert?
Trending:     response form registration overlay event support respond frame ref label project gender select click unlike aug transport sign confirm cancel update element respect parent path story thrown birthday agree parts logged heart male

Waning Dream Words:   basic journal death answer suppose secret wine abstract height kinda toilet important fancy hop crying skydiving town symbol sad basketball teeth interpretation moon meet mild fan type chased dictionary reaction interpret rating rated yet dream

<----- DISCUSSION ----->
Speechless. I don’t know what to say.

I certainly don’t want to make mountains out of molehills but we either have a major problem with the dreambot or our request yesterday (which was more of a joke) actually got fulfilled. Yesterday we started the West Coast cataclysm thread and AwakenedDreamer put together some awesome research on how Chani/CERN might be associated with that new meme. So, I playfully added this comment: “Someone want to summon ol' Chani for tomorrow's bot run?“

And now I dare ask…what in the world is going on with the dreambot? First off, it ran super slow. Then when I compiled the results, I nearly spit out my coffee. “Something’s majorly wrong here.” I ran the bot again…..same results. In fact, the wrongness got even more exaggerated. I ran it again….same results.

I troubleshot the system and the target web pages. Nothing looks out of the ordinary…..except for the results. I had to make three pages worth of snapshots because this run has a chance of being really special. I’m trying to recall the highest surge score ever, and was remembering something like 240ish. Today’s highest word: 2479! What is going on?! It was just a day after I finally wrote the “About DreamBot” and mentioned that we’ll always have more words in the text printout section as compared to the results picture. Coincidence that the first time this factoid was disobeyed was the day after I wrote it?

Results: Is Chani in the House?
Starting with Page 1 below, we first notice how many big surges are present. First words out the gate are "Response Form Registration Overlay Event Support." Many people may not realize that I spent a good amount of time transitioning our email subscription system over to our new site. You can see that little blue flag that says, "Free Email Alerts" toward the top of the page. Yes, exactly....that is the "Registration Form!" Then the bot says, "Event Support Respond." Bot approves of the new form and is now responding (but probably responding to my half-hearted request for Chani to speak). 

So that is an interesting start, but something even stranger is present: “Aug” at Group 1. Is this Chani changing his date from May to August?

Group 2 is hazy, but I thought Window might metaphorically mean Veil, something that CERN might completely take down.

Group 5: WHAT? What in the world is 2014 doing here? Is Chani suggesting that the big event is actually in the past? Maybe the big CERN event all went down last Summer and none of us even realized it. Maybe we’re already living in a Black Hole. Twilight Zone anyone?

Group 6 exposes the future Mall terrorist act as a complete joke (non-event portrayed as real).

Group 7 seems to suggest that we look towards a Country that is known for Zebras. Something in Africa?

In Group 8, the little Green men do a Landing and then the Church Died.

In the Biggest Losers, check out MOON. Might Chani have mistaken our dreaming reality with waking reality? Maybe he saw the Moon disappear from our dreams?!!

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

Holy Crap BATman!!!
Forehead slap.
Chani must be tuning in...for sure.
Puts a new twist on things eh? Let's keep it all in perspective, too much Mind control happening out there.

Me thinkest this project may BE a form of inter-dimensional communication- wow
It transcends news headlines for one thing.
3 pages...There's nothing like blowing everything out of the water before conference time is there? lol
Group 7 seems to suggest that we look towards a Country that is known for Zebras. Something in Africa?

Remember, they talked with the entity in a copper mine in Africa.
I found a few frog email web companies
Blue Frog, Frog Net, Frog-mail, internet frog...the list goes on

Part of Group 6 (escape mall joined) and a little later in the run (flight prison class) go together. In between there was (got girl rid beautiful). Maybe those who flee prison take a beautiful girl?
Whoa! I didn't know a botrun could BE this big! Can't wait to read you but with less than 6 hours of pitifully-broken sleep I still wanna test the hunches or lack of getting any.

Group 8! we HAVE a group 8, Wow....this could be a "Jim Jones" type of poisoning in some cult. Or I'm way off, dunno.

What the heck with this "gender project" and its "registatration form" being such a big deal?! Are the public schools about to be hit with some insane, nutty-for-even-these-guys new program?! (A govt. ed. official is floating the idea of them having public boarding schools! Yeah, communism wants the kids and like the pervs they know they can have their brainwashing ways with the neediest kids, often.)

This botrun is one we'd all do well to be fixated-on, IMO. Wow....

Good grief, this run is steeped in GENDER issues! Where's that Project Ano Line about it?! How does one take-in this run all at one read?, don't even try. Quality above quantity.

*There it is, more personal confirmation! No, not bragging or anything....about "class!" See "prison" near "class" and "bowing" is, too?! This proves that at least part of the time, "class" is indeed about "re-education camps." another run said it....using the word "camp" I vaguely recall, near class.

"definitely dreamed away country where Zebra is going" is a trip! Long ago, Zebra was the referees in our football games. Now? what nation is "zebra" the most associated with? Kenya?? Suffice it to say that zebras live in mainly two quadrants of Africa, and yes Kenya is one of them. I'm not sure what it's saying about "barry" but it's about him. He either dreamed-away being from that continent or he has folks here that have "dreamed away" the fact he's from there. No, sorry but I'm not crazy.

what is this about "email, windows, input" and which "emails to keep" etc?! More about the forum or what IS this saying?

Whew, taking a break. What in the world? I summoned Chani and we get this HUUGE run? I know, I's a coincidence. Just weird. LOL! freakin weird. Cuz some of this run could be....a lot of things.

THIS is *the* botrun to obsess over. Whew....
read! read y'all.

Okay boss, whew glad I'm not relegated to the funny farm, no meds needed here. I am not in need of attention either, so I couldn't let myself actually say it or think it but...freakin weird. It's like we have everything we need but the word "me."
So, c'mon like yourself, where's this infamous "me?" LOL!

Project Ano....was it? with the gender issue being a big deal for this year? Year isn't half over and look at them in this run!

Oh! I think you had a surge score at or near 3000....really up there, way back. Maybe we can find it.

Dig this!

On Oct. 10th run of last year, the word "WRINKLE" surged 9600% !!!

2600 % Oct. 15th.

3200 % Oct. 11th.

I didn't copy the words for those two dates....
what if 2014 wasn't 2014 but 2013? Remember all the "time" trouble we had such as slower feeling than usual or faster than it felt it should be? I know I had to keep writing 2014 all year instead of the usual /14 that normally would have done after just a few weeks. Remember the talk of time keepers having to adjust the time line? Maybe we are just now getting back on track but it is really 2014 now? What if time has skipped a year?

Am I really out there or what?
I don't know, Nanny. Coincidence? Isn't this your second coincidence as far as getting the run to speak to us?

Honestly, I tried literally everything to figure out what the heck happened with this run. THERE IS JUST NO WAY for those top words to have that many hits. It just isn't possible. AND the top batch aren't all administrative or web-page type words. I'm just befuddled. I feel like I got hit with a crazy stick. This is just insane!

Anyway, just checking in again. I was going to upgrade the site and put in chat yesterday and today, but there is just too much activity here! Go figure!

Maybe tomorrow I can get all that done. After those are done though, the site's foundation is complete and we can start getting into some more projects. I LOVE how flexible this platform is. I'm strangely glad the new site fell through, seeing how many other options we can do with this. If you have any recommendations, be sure to go to the "contact us" page and record your notes.

Oh yeah...doesn't it surprise everyone that MOON showed up out of the blue? Typically, a word hits the bottom section only because they're falling off from a high....but moon didn't hit a high nor close to it. The whole run is just WEIRD!
Next step (after the shock wears off) we need to start analyzing this run at a deeper level. Maybe after a nap Smile
additionally, esholars: I'm with ya! There has to be an explanation to this. 2014 should NOT be in there!
I don't have the scores like you have Nanny, but I do have the bot run words. The first word on the Oct. 11th run was request. The first word on the Oct15th run was urine.
Eagle1, no it's not coincidence. I just couldn't stand being the nut on the forum, and was being polite. I *had to hear from you that it is what it is. This is freaky. I'm shocked it's happening on this large of a platform instead of just with a family member, one at a time! Or, just something with a friend, or something I wrote in a letter to the editor and it happened 10 yrs. later, yada yada.
This has happened a good number of times. I've told family members exactly what another member ws going to do, from a social situation to their living arrangements, and announced to the San Antone paper that I was going to homeschool my kids when I was seeking a tubal, and I am not nor was I ever a liar.

I'll hush because I could write you a paper of examples. Heck, they will come to me off and on all day if I think about this, but here just freaked me out a bit, with the botruns, but enough about me, dig this!

Months ago, some of us, with you discussed if the botrun was really talking about or to NDC. It felt very unlikely but yet again, when reading it, it seemed like it was. Maybe I exaggerate this in my memory but I don't think so.......
it is that after we talked of it publicly, it started happening more!! See?! I think this is a valid fact. now, I doubt any one of us could quickly list all of the times a botrun has done this. Now? addressing Chani directly, funning with it but really said it and yeah, call me nuts I meant it, with my history in my personal life, and it has done something very weird.

Let's talk about us all becoming wildly wealthy. I know! Three or four members go buy a lotto ticket but let's discuss it, first, and see y'all win? LOL!

MOON, what context is it in? gotta reread that, but yeah seems it came "outta the blue."

Oh. One more thing. I have to go report "dreams" in the public dream section. Yeah me, I'm not a gifted-dreamer. What a coincidence? Guess not, that last night as this botrun was being dreamed/dreamt, I was having the onslaught of spider dreams which I've mentioned here before, but not as much as the snakes.
Hey! Question? There are the words 'Had Summer Were 2014'. Could this be pointing to Project August in some way? The fact that HAD and WERE and 2014 are all words relating to the past, and then there is summer, it makes sense doesn't it? Is there something from that project that didn't happen last August which might happen or at least speak to us about this August? I wasn't around then so I don't know if this even makes sense. lol
Top of page one reminds me of your conference, Eagle1, but then there's the gender issue soon-enough in the list, and "click unlike."

Now, it sounds like some Gender club or conference at Facebook. Googled for some and yeah, they have a couple this month. One is dated tomorrow, and another it says the registration just ended.
Twice, you sent chills down my spine. I think you're onto something. Probably the biggest Project August event that hasn't yet happened was Elyse's Koo dream. "Everything is about to change." I hope she's okay. I know she's not wanting to be away from this site, but something is keeping her from it. It has me worried.

Anyone have time to compare the koo research and today's run? No pressure because it would take a lot of effort and time. Plus, there are a couple of other big ones that manifested but not to the degree we expected. Example: Sky Flash.
Here's the Project August Headlines.

Maybe it's the coastal event in it, that'll happen next august, or Twiceblessed, could this run be saying that what was supposed to happen last August is soon to happen, not necessarily being this coming August? *(but, self-correcting---this coming Aug. is soon enough)

Group 9 in today's run has a possible correlation to a Project August "unlikely" Headline about skydiving.
This is for any previous P2 people. Reading Nannys examples of manifesting stuff, we now have identified a proven P2 manifestor. I'm thinking that the major lesson or message from this run is that Nanny can manifest certain bot results which is something that P2 was trying to do! I think our current group is very P2-strong.

Twice, P3 was getting started last Aug. I'm thinking we're supposed to gen this up again based on what dreambot is saying here.
2014- At first blush I thought of Project AUG like TB9 but lets not forget Project Dallas-
and what is going on there this SUMMER? You got it. JH 15.
back to Chani's communications to Eagle1
FORM RESPONSES CLICK EVENT SUPPORT could also refer to the recent do-over of the disappearing Dream-Came-True forms as well as all of the other changes Chris is making.

I think Chani is giving us the ol' 2x4 'Here I AM' wave.
Congrats Nanny.

I had a long post with tons of URLs that got wiped out just now. Can't go back with dial up it will take too long and I have to get back to work.

cee wat pope is doing and saying-- Sheriann and maybe Esholars covered that already.
cee wat moving is doing and why-- how about those CEO's quitting their jobs, selling their villas, yachts and second houses, and
moving away- refer to Urban Survival blog for that one about a month ago.

ask yor leaders
yor leaders prepare- well there are underground bunkers for them to go to- how about us? Here-our local county officials are sniffing out any underground root cellars and bunkers to inspect- all of a sudden this year. Salivating to set fines and penalties, hike up taxes and all sorts of compliance issues for the 'new' regs- Agenda 21 anyone?
u stil not prepare why-- see above

GENDER- FEMALE power is coming and going to balance the scales yet not on this type of headline
that takes precedent over the Bangledesh/Burma boat people ESCAPING their COUNTRY, found dead and buried at a DRUG TRAFFIKING CAMP (think also desperate emigrants boating and drowning in the Mediterranean with traffikers ESCAPING the atroscities oin ZEBRA COUNTRY)
Awakeneddreamer, yes, you are on-target because, for example "underground" is in a couple of very recent runs. "smoke" is with "underground" in one of them, but I'm not remembering all of the context for it, in 2 runs for sure. Maybe more?
I forgot! Forehead slap!
Nanny- this botrun is laughing at us.
i refer to the OVERLAY of the 8 hour new REGISTERants the other day that got our panties in a wad
and had Eagle laughing.

this chani dude has a sense of humor
albeit a funky way of talking....translator anyone? Ah heck IT does a great job considering our human language is
a bit 'lacking' in concepts (unlike the andromedans right?)
LOL I like it, but! we are laughing back. Yes, we were all "on it."
Want to hear from Chani? do this....

Chani! Tongue


Twiceblessed, I just noticed this and let it sink in. You nailed it! the timing is a trip. Sure has given Eagle1 more to present, potentially.
Man, I bet his life is never boring.

(05-26-2015, 12:08 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: 3 pages...There's nothing like blowing everything out of the water before conference time is there? lol

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