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Welcome and Apology
Welcome to those returning to the NDC, but I must issue a necessary apology to everyone in the NDC community. I was very excited about re-introducing this new site to the hundreds of old dreamers around the world. I scrambled around this morning to figure out how to get an html sheet to be emailed to thousands of people. After hours of toiling with this, I finally found the format and created the email.

Unfortunately, my excitement produced a tragic error, and I am the sole culprit. I accidentally pasted all the emails into the TO section of the email, thereby exposing everyone's email to each of the other people on the email list! This is obviously not a beneficial way of handing business on the internet today, and I am the only one to blame for this mishap.

If you are directly affected by my mistake (i.e., you start experiencing a spike in spam because of this), then please let me know so that we can make this right. There are a couple of resolutions available, but they will require a little bit of work on my end.

Again, I am sorry for putting a major blemish on this otherwise exciting time in NDC history.

...and we have a bitter sweet update here.

Although this doesn't take away the bitterness of my mistake, TwiceBlessed found that the DreamBot actually predicted this very event! No coincidence here that we're talking about the run that was 31 days ago....exactly one month.

Lingo: "dreamer years executive castle has email mon longer membership send sorry voted months entries forum loading submitted message add private profile hide save view"

"Dreamer Years" = many of the people set up their account years ago!
"Executive Castle" = yep, that's me, the executive king of the NDC I guess.
"Has Email...Longer Membership Send Sorry" = Well, there you have it!
....and the lingo continues the email mistake, which is directly associated with the forum.

Lastly, if there is a bright side to all this, is that DreamBot is apparently predicting a happy ending: "Private Profile Hide SAVE VIEW."

It appears that the damage will be minimized. I dearly hope this lingo is spot on!

Thank you for the lingo, Twice!

Just saw your apology notice after I emailed you about a strange email notice I got from this website. But I did get three times my normal spam when I opened my email app this morning.
Thanks for the message, Don. I PMed you.

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