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Lost dogs
I dreamed I was in my back yard and turned to look for the dogs, but they weren't there. Instead, the gate was wide open. It felt like the metal fence posts were looming over me. All I could see was the grass and the openness of the gate.

There was more, but it was lost since waking.

(I lost the dogs briefly last week. Remnants of my fear, no doubt.)
Do you know if you went through the gate?
more green. and more gates...
Think about the symbolism of "opening the gate" and then going through. Sounds so bucolic, so innocent. But I'm not buying the advertising campaign. I'll bet it wouldn't be so bucolic or innocent on the other side of the gate.
agreed DLP.
like the pool I saw, it was so pretty to look at...
"Dive on in, the water's fine!" said in a cheerful voice, hoping you won't notice the sharks circling in the depths...
I don't know. There's a faint sense I saw the dogs on the other side, frolicking, but when I woke and started my day I lost more details. Left me with an uneasy feeling for hours. Felt stress when I saw my own fence/gate.

Hoping to write things here as I dream them so I don't keep losing details.

Plantstrong, you're doing fine. Hope you have luck remembering your dreams. I know I forget most of mine except really startling or important ones.

NDC is blessed by each and every person that will report their dreams.

Our owner has a section here on remembering our dreams.

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