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Tour Bus
I think this is all personal dreaming, but it's the first dream in weeks that I've really remembered.

I was living on a tour bus and there was a caravan of buses parked outside a stadium or mall. I was an undercover cop and I had 2 partners. One of them was Pig (a friend of mine who drives tour bus and is the sound engineer for Blake Shelton). I couldn't tell who the other one was, female. We were trying to find a man, but I was never clear why.

I was tasked to go into the building to investigate. There were 3 super girly, giggly teenage girls that somehow had information about this man. They were working at a shop in the building. I needed to befriend them to get the information. I was trying to relate to them the best I could. I complimented their clothes and touched their hair saying how beautiful they were. Somehow I was aware they had the information that I was looking for so I decided to bring them to the bus to persuade them. As we are walking to the bus, Pig and my other partner are sitting near it. I don't want the girls to know that they are with me, or that I know them at all. I try to warn Pig to stay quiet by shaking my head "no" slightly. He misunderstands and loudly says "well that's okay if you didn't get the info, we have a couple more leads." I look at him strangely and tell the girls to stay away from this crazy man.

In my bus, in the back I had a stack of stickers, a few different kinds and the girls were enamored by them. I was collecting them along my travels and I had duplicates of a bunch of them so I told them they could have them. I was trying to butter them up, I really didn't want to give them away. I left them alone to "play" and went to talk to my partners.

When I came back, they had plastered all of the stickers all over my bus. One of them was a picture of a girlfriend, and it was the only one I had. Now it's ruined. I was angry at them and said "you didn't have to use them ALL!!" Their faces were stricken and I felt terrible so I told them everything was okay, sorry I didn't mean to yell. One of the girls realizes that they shouldn't have done that and starts pulling the stickers off and trying to put them back on the paper they came off of. I think this is sweet. She tells me she wants to be a scientist. I tell her, you know that November is the best month to become a scientist or study science. That's where it all begins. She's eager to learn more.

The other girls run off, there is a dance party going on outside and they join it. Suddenly there are hundreds of kids and they are surrounding the bus, peeling stickers off the bumper. I realize the caravan of buses that has been parked by us is ready to leave. Suddenly my dad is on the bus with me. We need to go. Pig is driving and the bus pivots around from the parking spot, very unnatural, it's got some new technology that makes it smaller for a minute so it can do this maneuver. We are the first bus in the caravan, we're the leaders of this group. The girls are outside waving goodbye. I remind the one girl - "remember, November!" She smiles and looks sad that we are leaving.

Dad is excited about something. He's got these drawings on napkins of guitars, but they aren't really guitars, they are swirly masses. He says "you have to wait until I can figure out how to build this so you can hear it. It's the most amazing sound you've ever heard. Like nothing you are capable of hearing now." He reaches for a notebook and flips through it as he tells me that he's going to meet a man that can help him figure it out. He finds the page in the notebook he's looking for. Suddenly he looks crestfallen, he says "oh no, he can only meet me on September 1st. I can't be there I have to be in South Dakota". I tell him that I can go for him. He doesn't seem to think this idea will work but he considers it. I look at the guitar drawings in awe, they swirl on the napkin. I'm excited to hear this sound, I WANT to go instead of him. I feel a great sense of envy and I feel like I'll need to be really sneaky to make it happen. This is important and I want to be there to witness it.

I woke up feeling like I betrayed my dad.
September 1st. Interesting…
Very subtle message: The new scientific breakthrough occurs in November. Maybe THAT will change the world and shoot us straight into the highly anticipated "Golden Age."

DFs: Notice tour bus is the relocation meme again.

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