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The Dream-to-Prediction Process
The Dream-to-Prediction Process

1. The whole process of prediction-making starts with the dreams. Make no mistake, all dreams belong in the Public Dreams forum so that the DreamBot can "see" those new dreams and process them for the daily linguistics report (aka The DreamBot runs).

There is one valid exception to placing dreams in the Public Dreams section:

If your dream is extremely troubling to you, you can opt to put it in the Support Group to get help for your dream. You'll first need to Contact Us and request to be included in the Support Group.

2. It All Starts with the Dreams!
From the dreams, many things predictive can happen:
a. The dream itself can predict future events. Please document when it comes true by posting a response to your dream or anyone else's dream. (You may use the tab #CameTrue when you think your dream has come true).
b. The DreamBot sees your dream plus all the thousands of other dreams throughout the web. Those resulting linguistics can predict something (discussed later).
c. Your dream might overlap with other similar dreams, which then it can be identified as "a Meme" (discussed later).


DreamBot linguistics have been known to accurately predict future events. If you find an instance where the DreamBot run accurately predicted a future headline, then find that bot run thread and then post a response. In your response, please describe how the news that was predicted and include the actual linguistics in your writeup. From there, several things may happen:
a. A tag is pasted in that thread based on your comment. The tag looks like #CameTrue, and this can be posted by anyone.
b. if the manifested headline looks compelling, a DreamSeer score may be placed by the tag.
c. if the manifested headline looks extraordinarily compelling, the thread itself will be changed to a "CameTrue" thread (i.e., the thread will have a permanent prefix attached to it that says, "CameTrue."

Anyone can build an official meme. A meme is established when there are two or more significant overlaps in dreams and/or linguistics. Establishing a meme is important because overlaps in any dream material has been known to incrementally increase the predictive power of that dream material.
Thus, when you establish a meme it highlights this area for our DreamForecasters (DFs). They will look for further overlaps to gain extra insight about what might be coming in the future. For big alarming memes, the NDC might even initiate a special project to incubate further details about this meme.
Here is the process to establish a meme:
a. First, RULE OUT DAY RESIDUE. Do some quick searches on your favorite search engine about your meme. It could be that everyone dreamed about floods because of recent floods in the US, for example. If this is the case, don't initiate a new meme because the dream data is accounted for in past real-life material.
b. Go to the Meme Forum:
c. Look to see if your overlap already exists in that forum. You can either scan through all the thread titles manually, or you can search for specific stuff (please note: if you do this search, you can direct the search feature to only look in the Memes Forum!)
d. Start your new thread, and include all the links of what is overlapping (all the dreams and DreamBot runs that overlap in your new meme). Please be specific enough to differentiate your meme from other similar memes, if applicable.

5. Making an Official Prediction
Anyone can make an official prediction based on material found anywhere here at the NDC, but especially the memes section. You need more specifics than what is required in the Meme section. You need specifics about as many of these three variables as possible: WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN. The steps are simple. Go to the Predictions thread and post our new prediction complete with links that substantiate your prediction.
Why establish a prediction? Because it puts a stake in the ground. It sets you apart from others seers, and it becomes easier to keep track of official predictions. Also, you'll drive traffic to the site and get reputation points when those predictions come true.

a. Based on our research, if a meme gets too big (too many overlaps), then it's accuracy and predictability actually starts to decrease. Thus, if you are going to attach your dream material to a large, existing meme, you may consider splicing some of the old meme and begin a new one. If you do this, your new meme should be definitely differentiated from the older meme.
b. I will annotate more notes here as people respond with questions or comments below.
Typo fixed. Thanks, Windy.

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