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CHANI, CERN, tsunami, wave, frequency is here
very matter-of-fact after incubating for clarification of this week's dreams.

Last night had a 'knowing' dream experience- collective tsunami's felt since last full moon are here.
Dr Emoto's water molecule....
when- timeline- none as it encompasses NO Time//Space.
what- An immense, infinite WAVE of Frequency is upon us
that is changing the water molecules of our bodies
to resonate with the incoming Frequency-changing our future dynamic on the planet
whose ? Source- I am not sure from the dream state
where- it feels like it is coming from the Central Sun yet cannot verify at this juncture.

A tsunami of Unknown quantum energy. Undefinable by headlines as it is an Infinite Unknown.
Was it catalyzed by CERN or our collective attitudes both equal in power? Unknown qualifications right now.
Hold on to your britches.
Fascinating and it confirms information I've received outside of dreamtimes.
I dig anniversaries of the more subtle kind. Dunno why, just do. Well, even God and Mama-Earth do, come to think of it. Would have to do a lot of research to bring the dates, but quaking has favored holidays and anniversaries enough times to get one's attention, so I read from a geologist long ago.

Today is anniversary of this dream-thread of AD's. It brings to mind this new tunnel under the Alps and the pure, apparently evil insanity that orchestrated their opening ceremony of the thing just four days ago! Seen the pics of it? Reportedly, even Merkel, head of Germany and other heads of state sat for this despicable, most-peculiar performance. (UK Mail online has a page on this with same pics, confirming this website below isn't faking this garbage.)

CERN has got to have something to do with this nuttiness. The thing took 17 years to build (LOL the locusts are here this year that follow that cycle, cute. It was started in 1999, therefore and annointed on 6/1/16.

CERN had a very weird ceremonial dance as they annointed their "tunnel," also. hmmm....
check this one out Nanny- it answers your questions
I just posted it- (we have so many posts on CERN -ever wonder why?
I got a message have never seen before. It won't let me view that section.
(06-05-2016, 10:02 PM)Nanny Wrote: I got a message have never seen before. It won't let me view that section.

I had no issues with the links.
I was looking for data and news links my issues were (only some of the language).
AD, I know you didn't have a problem with it. I did and still do. It says I don't have permission to view that page and then it lists four? or so reasons that this could be.
Is that a link to one of the private sections here?
Yeah, I think that particular forum is behind closed doors.
DLP, you rock, thanks! Glad I'm not having trouble reading something I normally can.
Sorry guys and thanks DLP
I didn't realize the link was from her private forum. that explains it.
Here is the link to the particular blog post referring the CERN and strange happenings in timelines.
I really like how they connected the dots.

there are so many posts on the forum now about CERN and the developments
it would be nice to consolidate them for consistency.
I would try but with my tech challenged skills I might end up with a Picasso-like transfer.
it would be nice to consolidate them for consistency.

see in the elders section:

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