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My first, full-color, 3 second vision when awake~
Does not make sense, this is so new to me, and the vision so unfamiliar of a view. I don't get visions. Or, never had before to my adult memory and I doubt I have.

Definitely awake last night as I lay in bed to try to sleep, wiggling a bit, eyes closed and aware of how the bed felt, where should an arm be, yada yada, I had a full-color vision just like seeing a video but it was more perfect than even HD. (what I mean is that it was as clear a view as if I got to remotely be there or SEE it, not that I think I was shown a video clip)

It was a very clean white lab or classroom? no chairs, well a facility of all white with counters, drawers and in the middle was this white ball, it looked as "hard" of a material as the cabinet doors, etc. I almost think that I imagined that it had red lines on it as if they were at the seams of the material the ball was made. But no, I saw that little bit of red.
This ball or round thing was suspended in the air without anything holding it up, maybe four feet above the room's floor, and only thing I'm not sure of is that I strongly think I was seeing it move. Was it three-seconds of a slow spin? I just vaguely think so.

No idea what it was. A new invention? experiment that's working?

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