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Happy home life
I was cooking in a kitchen that I don't recognize. The food was for myself only, some plant-based meal that no one else would want (I knew this but don't recall what it was), in a skillet on the stove top. I sensed I was not alone.

I heard noise outside and went to a door in a separate room behind the kitchen. I looked out and I was on a second floor, looking down into either an alley or a poorly lit (with yellow/orange lighting), narrow street. Kids of various ages, males mostly -- I think, were goofing around and being loud while walking down the street. I called down to one of them. I don't remember what was said. My intentions felt "motherly" as if I was responsible for him. He responded, and I closed the door to go back to cooking.

A few moments later the boy who had replied was in the home, along with a second and younger boy. I sensed I was very familiar with the older one, and somewhat familiar with the younger, but I don't know who they were. (The first looked like the eldest boy on The Middle, the one named Axel). I became aware of one of the other people I had sensed in the home, a female that looked mature, yet acted very immature. There was some joking between the boy and woman about my food. I joked with them, finished cooking and moved off toward a table.

I don't remember eating, or what was being said, just that the woman began making her own meal after joking that I hadn't offered any food to anyone else (because no one wanted it). She was using the skillet I had used. The home felt happy.

At some point I recall the younger boy saying something. He sounded startled. I turned to look to him and he was inside a well lit garage. The door was next to the kitchen and it was wide open. I could see the boy flailing. There were bugs, it must have been thousands, flying all around him. A small swarm of light beige insects.

I went to him and quickly opened the automatic garage door. I felt a bit worried and stressed, but not scared. More determined than anything. As the door opened many of the bugs went flying out into the night. Their numbers were overwhelming. I tried to shoo the rest out. When they were gone we went inside and shut the door.

Inside I sat down next to the woman who was mature but acted immature. I know I am close with her. I know she is my ex-boyfriend's brother's girlfriend, though I do not see the brother. We are joking and acting like kids, being silly. I put my arm around her and become aware of another person that I had sensed in the home. She approached from the left, having been in another room. I recognized her as my ex-boyfriend's mother. It was at that moment in the dream I just knew it was her home. It was a sudden awareness.

I felt suddenly self-conscious about having my arm around the woman. I felt as if I would be judged, as if the familiar contact is somehow inappropriate, or would be taken the wrong way. I take my arm away. The woman looks confused. I think to myself that I'm doing nothing wrong, and that I shouldn't be so self-conscious. I place my arm back around her and this seems to make her happy. Ex's mother does not seem to notice, just goes about talking normally. I don't remember what's said.

I can't remember anything else, except a vague feeling that the ex's brother was somewhere nearby and knowing he was younger than me (though in the real world he's older). I think I was woken up here.

Everyone I know in the dream are people I am long out of touch with. The others I don't know at all or can't remember who they might be.

It's possible that I have transposed the bug scene with the awkward arm rest scene. I'm uncertain.
Thanks for the dream, Plantstrong! Keep em coming. Your dreams are welcome here.

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