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I went to a town where, in the dream, I had lived before. I went to warn people a flood was coming. I parked my truck in a lot high up on the edge of the reservoir, as high from the water as I could get. I went around telling people the flood was coming. this would be a thousand times worse than any floods we have ever seen. it wasn't raining but a storm was coming from far off, but I was the only one who could see it, besides my husband. he had told me I could come warn the people. he knows I know about storms and how to be safe. I went around the whole area of the town telling people to get safe, get to high ground. I walked past the dam. there was a man there I knew. he just appeared by me. we were by the side of the red brick restraining wall. I told him, look those cracks just happened. as we walked the cracks got bigger. we walked around the front and there were huge cracks forming. the brick was a façade over the actual dam to make it pretty. something was bulging the wall behind the bricks making the bricks split apart. as I walked past I watched the cracks getting bigger. I got all the way past and told more people, its about to burst open get to high ground! I turned and went back in front and I saw the water starting to come through. I screamed for people to run! I ran for the control building. it had several floors, I could go up the stairs. I got my phone and started to call my hubby to tell him what was going on. I kept messing up the number while I was trying to run. the water started gushing out of the dam fast now. I finally got through to him and told him. now there is a child with me. the water is sweeping people away. I see the water flooding around the building, but we get up to the top. as the water recedes I call my hubby again. I tell him I can see my truck but the water got about 6 feet deep around it so water had to get inside it.
I don't remember any rain falling, just the black clouds. many people were swept away, some got to the top of the dam and were safe.

EDIT: 6/8/15 non-layered
all 3 last night...
What if....this dream without rain....signifies the dam in Texas, not too far from Dallas that was in serious-danger of bursting? If we find that dam's name then maybe we can get an update on its threat level/condition.
it wasn't a real dam. or real water. the water represented multitudes of bad things coming and the flood represented what has been holding the bad things back. that's why the sky was black but no rain fell. Sad
Um...I just posted my flood dream. I saw yours was titled "flood" and wondered if we were going to overlap. I'd say we did.
Oh noooo. The dam is symbolic of good things/God? that have been preventing a dark flood! This is even worse than any dam breaking, ohhh bummer. It's almost July, duly noted and man is this ever a warning dream. got hit last night, but God wants it all out here for consumption.

I hope you are doing fine and sending you hugs.

(06-09-2015, 11:47 AM)still Wrote: all 3 last night...

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