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Is your life boring?
Is your life really boring?

06/09/2015 am

Intent: I need a way to help people.

Mood: just a little anxious

I am sitting at a table filling out forms. My mental health issues “treatment” depends on my answers and I must take this seriously. There were about 25 pages and each page has a "Have you ever" question, "If you were alone or with someone" and how old you were when you did whatever.
These were the titles: Have you ever traveled, Have you ever done (related to hobbies), Have you ever known someone that taught you (some activity), Have you ever been to (place), Have you ever attended (an event), Have you ever taught someone else how to (do something), Have you ever helped to organize (an event), Have you ever broken (something such as bones, equipment, plants and items), Have you ever seen (something like UFO, demons, angles), Have you ever tried, Have you ever known someone that (wrote a book,was an actor...etc), Have you ever worked as a .... etc.

At the last page there was a form asking: Can you suggest any questions that you think would help other people to learn about themselves?
Then my phone rang and I woke up.

This is what the form looked like:

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