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Portal Hunting
Haven't been remembering lately still.  Dreaming but not remembering.  This one was vivid in spots (still lost quite a bit of it) and straight out of an action movie.

I was on a team of people - like undercover superheros.  There were 8-10 of us but I felt like there were other "teams".  I didn't know or recognize any of the others except one who is my occasional assistant in waking life. Chelsea.  The leader was Jane.  A smart, tall good looking woman who had an air of authority.  

We were in an unfamiliar city looking for something important.  We were sort of flying/bouncing through the city in search of it.  There were "bad guys" on our trail and we were evading them.  On top of buildings, scaling walls and teetering on narrow metal beams to cross distances, sometimes having to turn back to help a fellow team member about to fall or stuck somewhere. This went on for awhile.  

Then we split up into groups of 2 and 3 and went several directions. Chelsea, myself and a black man were assigned to a retail store to pose as employees.  I was running a register and the other two were talking to customers trying to find clues.  Chelsea kept bringing me small vials of a liquid that I was to observe.  Some of the glass on the vials looked like they'd been exposed to high heat, melted in strange shapes.  This was important for some reason.  

We started to close down the shop, it was night and we'd gotten all the info we could.  I was to close down the register.  The black guy came up and handed me a stack of paper bound by a strip like when you get a large sum of cash at the bank.  He said it was money but the paper was blank.  I suddenly understood it was paper to make counterfeit money with.  He took it back from me and went to an upstairs room, leaving me to deal with the register.  

When he came back, the paper WAS real money.  But the ink color was slightly off.  We felt that we had what we needed and we went to go meet up with the rest of the team and Jane.  We met up with another group of 3 or 4 of our team on the way.  One of their party was hurt so we stopped at a Walgreens.  It was dark and the store was closed but we got in somehow.  As the person was getting first aid from the others, I noticed a man coming from outside with keys to the store.  He was the manager and he was furious.  He got in the store and immediately we all came together in a circle holding hands and I told everyone to tap their toes twice (like the Wizard of Oz but toes instead of heels).

Suddenly the man was floating off the ground and unconscious.  We all were still holding hands and suddenly this portal began to open beneath our feet.  We all lifted off the floor hovering around it.  We all stared into it - it was spinning with all shades of blue and bright lights.  We were in awe, and someone said, "why haven't we thought to do that before?" meaning hold hands and tap our toes.  We'd found what we were looking for with this information and needed to go find Jane to tell her.  

The manager guy was hanging in the air still and so was one of our group.  We realized that we had to make a sacrifice with one of our own in order to break the circle, and so we had to leave one behind with the man. It was a discussion, and a painful choice, but we realized that it was the price we had to pay to use this powerful magic we'd just discovered.  So as we left I saw the two men hanging in the air, and then before the portal closed, our guy was sucked into it.  

My thought was "now we have a dreamer on the other side".  That made the magic more powerful.  We raced to find Jane and told her all about what we'd found.  It sounded ridiculous but she listened raptly and asked a lot of questions.  She took me aside and said that I'd found what we needed, and I was to come with her to a meeting of the minds.  She took me to a room while she changed her clothes and I noticed we were both wearing red shirts.  I commented on it and she brushed it off, it wasn't important.  This seemed significant to me.  

We went to this fancy hotel type place and I was asked to demonstrate the portal opening to them.  I told them about the circle and the toes and how we'd have to make a sacrifice.  They already knew.  They called the toe thing "Tink, Tink" and they had one of the bad guys ready to leave behind in the portal.  We performed the Tink, Tink and it opened but this time it was huge and had a kaleidoscope of images in it.  They seemed to be things currently going on in the city around us and I saw all types of people doing all types of activities.  Sleeping, sex, cooking, doing drugs, running, and one scene was someone looking at our counterfeit money closely trying to figure out what was wrong with it.  Jane told me we could see all of this because of the dreamer we had left behind before.  That we needed someone on the other side too.  

I started to wake up then, and as I did I saw this big blue glowing pyramid growing up from the kaleidoscope of images.  I knew that we'd accomplished what we needed so even though I wanted to stay, I allowed myself to wake up.  

I laid in bed thinking about this dream for a few minutes with my eyes closed and the image of the blue pyramid in my head.  And I had just started dozing off again when this big image literally slammed into my head and jolted me awake.  

It was a triangular sign, similar to a highway sign or a yield sign because it was upside down, but more like this with the blue border and had a 9 in it, a bit off center.  

Triangle signs are usually cautionary and blue signs usually are emergency or service related.  The one I found below says it's "air traffic control waypoint triangle".  But the one I saw was upside down. I'm not sure what to make of it.  

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT8iohRDAL9pOlQaq4J7kG...UZeCvevX8g]

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