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CIP 06/27/2015
Decided to go with the dates for the CIP numbering. Makes life a lot easier for me to keep track of things that way.

Okay. Now to the nitty gritty, the target code: 2699.

Sweet dreams, everyone! Big Grin
Since there are no submissions for this run, I'm going to close it out for now. I suspect people are focused on the other projects(which are a tad more pressing, IMO Smile ) and I'm getting ready to be swamped in real life with a move and putting our house on the market all by my lonesome. Oh, and did I mention I'm giving a workshop in a week? Am I busy yet? I'm not sure. I've been too busy to think about these things. Big Grin
What's the workshop?
(07-04-2015, 10:07 AM)Eagle1 Wrote: What's the workshop?

It's an energy hygiene 101 workshop, very basic instruction to give participants the tools to identify and recognize what's happening in their energetic fields and some psychic defense techniques. The goal is to teach the participants that they don't have to be at the mercy of whatever energy comes at them(I'd use the phrase "empower them" but I detest that word "empower" Sounds so...New Age-y to me Big Grin ).
Is it an in-person workshop, or can someone attend online? Sounds super cool.
(07-04-2015, 06:16 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: Is it an in-person workshop, or can someone attend online? Sounds super cool.

It's an in-person workshop because there will be demos and the participants will then practice on each other. They're also going to be making some products to help clear their fields.

This is our first workshop but you've given me an idea to present to my partners about offering online workshops. Thanks!

And anytime you have questions/need some input, feel free to ask.

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