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Plane or Flying Incident - 11 important number
I dreamed this about 2 weeks ago. I was in a small jet plane, possibly a military jet or even a space shuttle type of craft, sitting behind the pilot and co-pilot, there might have been a 4th person as well. We were making a very rapid descent, coming in almost vertically towards the earth, and getting close enough to see vehicles and people in detail. Oddly enough, everything on the ground was in black and white and shades of grey, except for a blue sky. Within the plane, normal colors were visible. I could see vehicles moving on the roads, but the roads were quite angular, and cars were able to make 90 degree turns sideways as well as up and down, without any change in speed (almost looked like a cartoon). Within the plane, we had oxygen masks on, although I do not recall helmets. I was calmly but quickly trying to place 11 letters I had written to loved ones inside of a backpack or bag, with the assumption that we were not going to survive the landing or impact.
Here's an 11 number:

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