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1st Thread
General Discussion about Queen
This first sign I have found after going back over dreambot run regarding Queen news happened 6-14-15, 2 weeks ago.
resurrection palace gathering cleaning hopefully bug public process breathing
This implies a bug (illness) at the palace. Resurrection well, implies life after death. Seems like a gathering at the palace after a death and a hopeful cleaning of a virus that may have caused the death.  This would be a public process.  I don't know how long it takes for a transition of power but we had an article about it a few months back. This transition a Queen Elizabeth to a King Charles could be the resurrection possibly.
There is a lot of discussion in this thread about The Queen's possible death.

Of note is the connection now of illness from 6-14-15 and pills in 6-29-15. Could this be related?
queen australia falls saturday years spoke faster technique pills snake

Other Queen connectionsin this thread:

Palace Tree= Palace Family Tree
Shapes Palace Tree = Something Happening to Shape the Family Tree (Death of the Queen)
Horse Shapes Palace Tree= There is a a possibility the cause for the death is horse related, but I am not so sure.
Pillow Controlling Involved =The falling asleep of the Queen.

Here is is Queen's itinerary for next month, nothing is on for the rest of this month, she just returned from Germany.

We also have the run from 6-28-15

"...otherwise kill scared wrote cheering created english threat same understand spoke
We have had mum and centre in the recent past few days and I wrote previously that this was telling us something regarding The UK or ( other British/ English country like Canada) since center was also listed in that previous thread (American English). Now ENGLISH THREAT is listed together.
Pay attention to this. It appears to be telling of a threat to Britain (or perhaps the Queen...she is the head of the Church of England. It is a stretch, but maybe she is our Mary/Maria in metaphor speak? If we tie the previous MUM and Centre into what is listed here, she is England's mom and the centre of the country.
SO Look for Big British news. Look for possible big Queen British news.
Likely not good news."

Shadewolf found the words "slept box" in the 6-29-15 dreambot run. A possible reference to a coffin.
Here is a link to the Queen about a horse and (the family) tree.
It happened on her recent trip to Germany last week when she was gifted a painting of a young Elizabeth riding a blue horse and her father. The painting certainly links the family tree, father /daughter and the 6-29-15 bot run has a horse.
Could this be another reference to the Queen
"Subconscious horse shapes palace tree"

Additionally, the Queen owns many horses and used to ride them in parades.
She just recently visited Berlin? She must not be doing all that bad health-wise. So if there is a demise here, I would expect some sort of accident.
The Queen needs to take her pillow and go to one of the other boxes she has slept in to prevent illness from asbestos.

Queen Elizabeth Might Need To Move Out Of Buckingham Palace During Remodeling
Jelani James | Jun 24, 2015 11:38 AM EDT
With the remodel, I wonder if that is the Resurrection and the Palace? Hmm.
Yes, she was in Berlin. She, for the first time, visited a concentration camp.
This tells about her visit and is interesting as it describes how she was being used to political purposes as well.
I had this thought while reading the article about Buckingham Palace. Buckingham is like Bucking Bronco which is a horse.

Buckingham: (Origin Saxon) Locality. A shire and town in England, and so called either from Bucen, beechen, and ham, a village, from the abundance of beech-trees growing there, or from the Saxon bucca, deer--the deer-village.
Yes Windy, it may!
Quote:This transition a Queen Elizabeth to a King Charles could be the resurrection possibly.

You ever hear the phrase "the king is dead, long live the king"?!
Perhaps this is what the story that might have to do with the Queen. It happens Sunday, Charlotte's baptism.
A great article on the holy water used for the service, it's is from the Jordan River.
A great deal of Queen related words in today's bot run
A BBC reporter tweeted the demise of the Queen today which was false! The BNC was running a rehearsal about how to cover her death at the time. Amazingly,, the Queen was at the hospital at the time getting an annual check up.
Just WOW!
I am absolutely speechless. Her predicted death happened -oops! Not!

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