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Project Independence day
Sound Resonance
Intent: headline for week of July 1 - 10, 2015 (I have a vested interest in this week span)
Mood: calm
I am walking out of a destroyed brick house in my night gown with an oxygen mask on my face.
The house is a pile of rubble, not a single part is still whole. Dust is everywhere and I cannot see beyond my hand. I am unharmed.
I am wearing a white night gown (my favorite one) and an oxygen mask (I use one for sleep problems).
I see no fires, no storms, and no wrecking equipment. I heard no blast or explosions.
I ask the “atmospheric continuum” (my words for the universe) “WHAT ON EARTH JUST HAPPENED?”
I hear a voice say, “SOUND RESONANCE!”

My normal hours of sleep are between 2 AM and 11 AM, so I think this might be the hours of destruction. Because of all the dust in the air I could not determine where I was. Due to being in the Jade Helm area and I do know that they have a weapon that could do this, I am not sure they don’t cause this; or it could be a “natural” cause.

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Thanks for the incubation, esholars. I copied the dream to the public dreams forum for the bot to see tomorrow, but we'll go ahead and maintain this copy here for discussion. Sound Resonance makes me think of HAARP and Tesla's old technology. I'm thinking big natural disaster personally.
I had trouble deciding where we were supposed to put them. Thanks for putting it right.
Its absolutely no problem. I just appreciate the incubation.
This isn't encouraging.
A prediction of a (or 2) BAD event(s) around/on the 4th which brings out the WAR HORSE.
There is our possible horse mixed with our fireworks.
God Bless everyone. Stay safe this Independence Day.
The July 1st. Dreambot run really seems to be predicting something on the FOURTH.
I know we had many groups in the original Dreambot run.

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I wonder if we are dealing with a Shoe Bomber watching the fireworks? That seems odd but... fireworks shoes monster apocalypse. Who checks shoes for an outdoor fireworks display?
Fireworks mishaps in Avon, Colorado during their Independence Celebration on the 3rd of July, not 4th.
Oh, well thank goodness, FBI. Are we supposed to bow in reverence? Smile

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