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snow covered airport runway
On 6/25, my reoccurring dream about going to Australia occurred again. It was noontime and I was talking to a neighbor about flying out the next day. I told my neighbor I had to go home because I hadn’t even begun to pack. Next, I am going down the aisle of the plane. With me is a blonde women I know nothing else about. The plane pulls away from the gate and is starting down the runway when it slows and stops. A truck with one of those stairways arrives at the side of the plane and we are allowed to deplane if we wish, and go back to the terminal. The ground crew is in a state of confusion. The plane has stopped because there is two feet of fresh snow on the ground and the plane’s front landing gear can no longer snow plow through the snow. Nobody knows where the snow came from. There were no clouds in the sky, or poor weather as the plane backed from the terminal. Where did the snow come from and how could so much fall so quickly? Only a dozen of us had deplaned because the walk back to the terminal consisted of walking through the pathway plowed by the truck with the staircase. Suddenly, the snow began to melt across the airport, and we all ran back to the staircase and up into the plane. To stay on the ground meant water rushing past you a mid-calf level. Everyone was pretty much in confusion about what was happening, but when the pilots saw they could take-off as the flood of water was now just a wet surface, and they were already on the runway in position, they signaled the tower and took off to Sydney. The pilot said he decided best to get back to Australia because who knew what would happen next if we stayed. He didn’t think it was likely we would experience snow in Sydney.

Does this recurring dream always present you with snow-covered runways? What is the part of the dream that is unique from all the rest of the dreams in this recurring series? Anything that stands out as much more emotionally charged or more vivid than usual? I find it interesting that Australia made the bot run two days ago, and I believe this was the first time for that country.
Bot run from 7/28 talks about snow possibly cancelling flights:
"well okay lose continued snow much yesterday flight week"

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