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Warehouse Explosion. London?
7.1.15, 3:25am. As I was trying to get back to sleep, a scene came into my minds eye.  I am looking at a tan colored building in a warehouse district. There is an explosion happening in the front of the building. The whole front of the building is bright light and then consumed in fire. I look past the building to the left and see a river directly behind the buildings. There is a bridge and a city on the other side of the river.  I think it is London.  Then the scene changes to another warehouse. This one is a grey corrugated sheet metal color. The doors are opening and I see toward the back of the building, stacks of white or grey boxes.

As I am trying to see more, the warehouse scene ends. I look at my hand and see I am holding a blue figurine. It is broken a bit, I can see the inside of the figurine is white and it looks like it has wings. 3 thoughts come to me.

1. Pictures of ancient Sumerians.
2. Daniel 2:31-45 in the Bible.
3. Pegasus.
PEGASUS!!!! THE OTHER HORSE! OMG, this is getting good!
Just a thought.
Pegasus is a Greek Mythological Creature.
The Greek flag is blue and white.
The Greek Nation is VERY divided about what do regarding the vote. (referring to the bible passage and to the silver, gold, divided and broken kingdom reference)
Things sure are "exploding" over there, and it is affecting all of Europe.
What was it that made you think of London?
The financial stability outlook in the UK worsened today due to Greece.

Also, the ballot is currently being housed in stacks of boxes across city. I think I read in some cases warehouses, though I don't know where I found that article last night.
TB9- The reason I said London is because the bridge looked like the London bridge, the old one with the towers. The city across the river was old and congested.
Sometimes I go to to check up on Putin. To my surprise I found what I saw in my vision. I saw this building from the same angle of the picture below, except I was higher off the ground and there were no fire trucks yet.  I think I saw the London Bridge so I would know it was London.

Sure wish I knew why I would have a vision about this. I know no one in the UK, so no personal attachment to anything or anyone there.

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this dream of yours has come true really shocking
wonder if you know
Yes, Matilda, I found the story when I was online looking for something else on a different website. The picture I posted was one from the article. Always helps to confirm a vision or dream when you have pictures. I am looking forward to seeing if they find out what started the fire.

(07-05-2015, 06:12 AM)matilda Wrote: Julie
this dream of yours has come true really shocking
wonder if you know
#CameTrue. Amazing hit, Julie. I will set up your new trophy case.
Thanks Eagle 1. I will continue to follow the story to find out what caused the fire. Will post here what I find.

(07-05-2015, 02:53 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: #CameTrue. Amazing hit, Julie. I will set up your new trophy case.
I want to know what caused the fire so I emailed the London Fire Brigade & they charge 93 pounds for a report.  I am not going to pay for a report so I asked him if he thinks the local newspaper in that area will publish the results of the fire investigation.  He said: It’s possible… We only publish the outcomes and findings for a small number of incidents, but this was a high profile one so it’s quite possible that there will be a press release with some basic details of how the fire started, once established of course.

If anyone here on NDC sees anything before I do, please let me know. Smile

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