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Julie's Trophy Case
Precognition #1 for Julie:

SCORE: 5-4-4

Dreamer saw a blast/inferno in a warehouse in downtown London just 3 days before the event. The DreamSeer score on this hit is unusually high.


DREAM: Warehouse Explosion. London? 7/1/2015
7.1.15, 3:25am. As I was trying to get back to sleep, a scene came into my minds eye.  I am looking at a tan colored building in a warehouse district. There is an explosion happening in the front of the building. The whole front of the building is bright light and then consumed in fire. I look past the building to the left and see a river directly behind the buildings. There is a bridge and a city on the other side of the river.  I think it is London.  Then the scene changes to another warehouse. This one is a grey corrugated sheet metal color. The doors are opening and I see toward the back of the building, stacks of white or grey boxes.

As I am trying to see more, the warehouse scene ends. I look at my hand and see I am holding a blue figurine. It is broken a bit, I can see the inside of the figurine is white and it looks like it has wings. 3 thoughts come to me.

1. Pictures of ancient Sumerians.
2. Daniel 2:31-45 in the Bible.
3. Pegasus.

NEWS: 100 firefighters battle massive west London warehouse blaze July 4th 2015
30 warehouse workers escaped from the burning building in west London
100 firefighters raced to the scene in Perivale, west London at 7pm
15 pumps from seven different fire stations battled the blazing inferno
Flames and smoke could be spotted across north west London
I want to know what caused the fire so I emailed the London Fire Brigade & they charge 93 pounds for a report. I am not going to pay for a report so I asked him if he thinks the local newspaper in that area will publish the results of the fire investigation. He said: It’s possible… We only publish the outcomes and findings for a small number of incidents, but this was a high profile one so it’s quite possible that there will be a press release with some basic details of how the fire started, once established of course.

If anyone here on NDC sees anything before I do, please let me know.
Validated Precognition #2

Score: 4-1-4

Link to Dream (8/4/15):
Link to News Headline (8/11/15):

Scoring Discussion:
WHAT (4 out of 5): our scoring system accounts for frequent events. Since planes crash every day, we have to go to the secondary details of the dream for scoring. We start with the news headline of a helicopter crash over water. That is a direct match, but as per the scoring, we have use the secondary details for scoring. We have plenty of matches in the secondary details:

1. A helicopter crashed with a seaplane over water. (in the dream, two helos real life, one of the vehicles was a cessna....two vehicles is a match, especially with one being a helo and the second being amphibious)
2. One of the vehicles had red on it. (direct match to the dream)
3. One vehicle crashed on top of the other.
4. Crash happened near Moscow. (discussed later)

Therefore, helicopter & crash are the main subject and verb, which constitute a direct match. But for scoring, we go to the secondary subject and verb. The secondary subject and verb is the amphibious cessna crashing, which is a direct metaphor for the dream's second helo. The secondary subject and verb start us with a full 5 since that metaphor (including the color red which fulfills the third descriptor) constitutes full points. However, this metaphor wasn't identified prior to the event, so this gets a standard metaphor deduction of 1 point. Thus, 4 points.

WHERE (1 out of 5). The dream inferred Europe, which is in a different continent (thus zero points); however, the fact that Putin was in the dream allows us to use the metaphoric scoring. Putin would obviously be metaphoric for the event happening in Russia, which is where the actual crash took place, and which would constitute 2 points. However, since this metaphor wasn't specifically identified prior to the news, the standard 1-point penalty is applied. Thus, 1 point.

WHEN (4 out of 5). The event took place within one week of the dream.

Excellent job, Julie!

Extra Notes. In this section, we will provide the original dream and highlight in red the details that overlapped with the real-world headline.

Start of Dream: I am in a train station. The building is made of light colored stone, glass and silver metal. I get the feeling I am in Europe. I notice people are a mix of nationalities speaking different languages with French being the one I am hearing the most. I noticed two women and two men traveling together. I decided to go with them because I don’t want to travel alone in a foreign country. We walk toward a train. I stop to look at a doorway and wonder how the door works. I turn back toward the train and notice the people I am following have boarded and the train is leaving. As the train is pulling out of the station I notice it goes underground. I think, Oh well I will have to wait for the next train.

I decided to find a place to sit and wait. I look to my left and notice a body of water. I look to my right and there are chairs along the station wall where you can sit and look out at the water. I take an empty chair and notice 4 kittens playing in the corner of the building. I think they must live here because of rodents.

As I sit in the chair I notice in the sky to the right, a red & navy colored helicopter is flying over the water. When it was in my front line of view, it nosedived into the water, like it crashed. I look to my right and it looks like I am seeing the land from a high altitude. The land looks like a map. Then I saw another helicopter, this one is white, flying in from the same direction toward the red & navy helicopter. It flew over the water close to the crash and it went in the water too.

I look around me to see how people are reacting. No one is saying anything or even looking at the crash, they are acting like it is not happening. I look back at the water and see boats & a jet ski around the crash. I pray they find people that were in the helicopters.

The scene then changes and I am standing in front of President Putin. He has his right hand on the blinds of a window as he is looking out the window. He looks from the window at me and smiles. I think, he needs a hug so I hugged him. His body guard is not happy that I am hugging his President. He wanted to stop me from being so near the President; however the President said it was ok. He takes his job VERY seriously. As I am hugging him we are lifting off the floor. We are about 2 feet off the floor when someone said, that is enough, stop. We were both smiling like a couple of children who were caught being mischievous. We lower back down to the floor. End of dream.

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