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miltary parachuting into benign setting
During the early hours of July 5th I dreamt that I was part of a small group of parachuters (4-5 ranger type soldiers) and found myself pummeling downward toward earth having just apparently jumped from an airplane in a full blow parachute but casually attached in a non-military fashioned harness colored blue. When my group landed on the ground it was soft and non descript almost floating and we found ourselves in a foreign suburban setting with suburban houses and scattered pieces of graveled parking lots devoid of cars, some overgrown with weeds but no people were present. Our goal was to find a secluded piece of ground to establish a base hidden from view and after walking around in and out of these lots of ground with gravel and then grassweed nothing beckoned our interest and I simply woke up. What I found unnerving about the dream was its emptiness of rhyme or reason for finding myself in such a sterile location and military setting.

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