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Palestine Buses
I woke up briefly early this morning and as I was falling back to sleep, in my mind I heard myself say:
"Buses, Palestine, they tried to defend themselves too."
I have not seen or read anything about Palestine lately nor any terrorist activity in Israel ( except for an ISIS rocket launch from Egypt into Israel),or a bombing of a bus in either place. I don't know who was trying to defend themselves.
I wonder how easy it would be for Isis to grab a foothold in Gaza?
There was a big hubub last year during the time we had a big bus meme in Project August that a regular old Palestinian caterpiller driver took his bucket and smashed an Israeli bus with it. Of course they called him a terrorist. What the heck is a terrorist anyway? George Washington was a terrorist. So were the Bolsheviks in Russia. Sorry, I tend to get off on tangents.

Some would say that ISIS will never hit anything in or near Israel because they are actually funded by the Mossad.

I look forward to seeing how this prediction plays out. I also look forward to seeing how the Middle East hell hole plays out in general.

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