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Everyting is a Lie
In my dream my brain seemed to dredge up 30-40 years of dreams in one night, with the overall theme that everything I’ve been told is a lie. It was a repeat of a June 26th dream with the same theme, but this time my mind was going back further in time. There were lies about the economy, politics, banking, treaties, the Vatican and wars. Incident after incident played in my head. I found myself going to bed with a pistol not only between the mattresses, but under the bed also. I was afraid that I would either be killed by the powers to be, or lynch mobs. I was only a lowly government clerk, never going on assignment anyway, but I knew about the assignments. Now I was learning how they were all a lie. I wondered if my parents were also lied to. They worked in top secret weapons development. It was like Patton was the last one who told the truth, and they took him out with a car. Eisenhower had tried to warn us. Was all of my parents and my work all based upon a lie? As I lie in bed, I wondered how many government leaders would be hung from lamp posts. Would there be bedlam in the major cities? I lived out in the country; would they come for me? Should I be going out into the city to find my own politicians or bankers to string from the lamp posts? Shooting was too quick. Maybe they should suffer a bit. I kept wracking my brain. Was there anything that I was told the truth about? How do I personally react to the lies? Some might see me as part of the lies. I was a victim too! I never felt the need to have a gun in my house before, and now I had two in the bedroom! What a horrible long night listening to the sounds. Were they coming for me?
Yep, telling it like it is! Smile

Most of us have been lied to about the control matrix, what it is and how it works. The Truth shall set us free. Reconciliation seems to be a necessary thing is moving to a type 1 civilization.

Thank you for sharing this.

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