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Fingernails Decaying in Alabama
I found myself in Alabama for whatever reason. I never go to Alabama, haven't read or seen anything about Alabama recently. I was at a weird historical site, where they were selling tours and memberships. I was in a complicated discussion with someone about my old membership. I didn't remember ever being a member, but she convinced me that I had emailed with a pseudo-cancellation request. I just went along with it. It didn't cost me anything nor did it save me anything. In the end, I was again a member, but only for the movie portion.

All movies run on Thursdays, and sometimes Tuesdays. It was Tuesday in the dream (although its really Saturday morning in real life), and so I remember calculating the trip to realize that we had to delay our departure until Thursday night, and that would get us home by Sunday night.

Then, as I was watching the movie reel ads, I looked down at my fingernails. The left hand was completely normal, but the right hand nails were decaying. All five of them were dark gray, very soft, and decaying away at varying levels. I wasn't sad or scared for some reason. I was just thinking about what the cause would be. I thought that I just needed to figure out the cause, and then I could repair or halt the decay. Dream ends.

Day residue could be the cancellation request I had for an Amazon order. Not sure why Alabama was so prominent in the dream. Not sure about my fingernails either as they currently look very normal and healthy.
Anthrax? Though I think that is more black, not sure.
Nail Cancer
Eileen Bailey Health Guide January 17, 2013
- See more at:

Signs and Symptoms of Fingernail Cancer

If you notice a change in your nails, such as suspicious marks or discoloration, it is extremely important to consult with a medical professional as soon as possible for an evaluation of your symptoms and a proper diagnosis.
Thanks, esholars. Wish they had pictures...
I am seeing ads on some of my news sites showing a young woman with a finger nail darkened and it is a warning ad. You may have seen it as you were reading news sites.
It is why I posted the cancer links.
Its definitely a possibility but I have firefox ad blocker, so I typically don't see any ads at all. Thanks for the links! Also, sort of confused about why so many people are looking at this dream.
bet they all took a quick look at their nails.
I think we all read the dream because of "Decaying in Alabama".
A possible hit for your fingernails, at the very least a tickle.
Cases or Leprosy are spiking in Florida. ( Honestly, I did not know that was even a remote issue in the U.S.)

Here is what leprosy is and it discusses FINGERS.
Thanks, Twice. If this dream is precog, hopefully that is all we see.
Here is another possible hit.
3 cases of plague reported this year. 2 are dead in Colorado. A child is ill after visiting Yosemite.
As I was reading the article, my ignorance of diseases and plagues forced me to think that a plague infecting 3 people is sort of an oxymoron. I always though plague to be hitting masses of people, but what do I know (as my Dad always says) Smile

That hand in the article looked rather similar to the hand I saw in my dream. Thanks for posting here, Twice!
People undergoing chemo therapy for cancer can and do experience nail loss. My daughter in law lost all of hers.
There are three nuclear plants in Alabama and

Vegas Radiation Lab Headed to Alabama
KOLO-Jul 14, 2015
LAS VEGAS (AP) - A mobile radiation detection laboratory in Las Vegas is on its way to Alabama. The Environmental Protection Agency said ...

8/6 - facility underwater drawn folks especially flood
8/7 - devil situation levels draw slide helped dust insecurity/water program riding energies/flood composite paralysis
Waning: one guide boss dreams station July/elevator underwater mon interesting dream

Just following my nose this morning....

The current vessel carrying the name Alabama is a United States nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. Construction began on SSBN-731 on October 14, 1980, and she was christened on May 19, 1984, and commissioned on May 25, 1985. She is a Trident nuclear submarine measuring 560 feet in length, 42 feet in diameter, and displacing 18,750 tons. She carries twenty-four Trident nuclear missiles and four torpedo tubes. It takes a crew of 157 officers and men to operate her, and she continues to serve her country.

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