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Meeting the VoidWitch/Weaver 7.18.15
I decide to take an early bus into town in the morning. I am dressed in my usual t-shirt and jeans, I am wearing a backpack with some of the items normally in my purse, and also my binder of artwork just in case. I think I am trying to prove some kind of point by doing this. It must be very early, somewhere around 4-6am. I decide not to get off at one of my earlier stops like I normally do, before I know it we are much further down past the Library. I decide to get off the bus and possibly find a transfer, before he loops back the same way we came. 

Looking around, I realize I must be near or on the Lowe's parking lot. I wonder if my Target store, which i remember is in the area, is 24hours, I decide to check if they have a computer cable my Husband was looking for recently. I start walking north and towards the Target store. I realize a lot of other people must be heading in the same direction. Towards my left, I am looking to the side of the current parking lot and see through the trees that there is water. I must have hit the side of the island of my nearby town. Continuing towards the store entrance, I see a lot of people entering the store but it seems the lights are dim inside. I realize that all these people must be workers here, and it is not actually open at this time. I head back towards the road, I pass by a Marshall's store but it is not open this early either. 

I finally reach the road, on the other side of the road is water too, I must have hit the far side of my town/island. I see some people walking into a small shop, I didn't see any sign but I head in. It's a bit cramped and small, I notice art on the walls. Prints for sale, To the right is a backroom with french style doors between. Looking in I see paintings on display on easels and the wall, I wonder if this is some sort of gallery. There are younger children there, and adults, possibly parents chatting with the two women behind the front desk. One is a Blonde who seems to be inking or editing artwork on the front desk area with some sort of dark green powder and brush. The other is a Brunette who is busying herself with things as they are chatting. I decide to check out the backroom, there are small tables with various children sitting down at each. They looked rather bored and waiting. I loop around the room, which is a bit bigger inside than expected, just looking at the art, and I head back to the front desk. By the time I am back at the front, the Blonde is fixing things, she looks down close at the papers, and then picks her head up and somehow has the green powder all over her face. She laughs it off, laughing at herself. 

She is cleaning herself, as we are giggling at the situation, I politely ask "Is this a consignment store? .. Or some type of Art Gallery?" The two women look at each other, and they both look back at me, the Brunette responding, "I'm a VoidWitch/Weaver (can't recall exact wording). I can teach people how to get noticed for their work. At the least, I can show someone how to make a lasting impression." Really eager and curious, I ask her how does one take her classes/get started with doing that. Blonde tries to politely explain that "You can't be taught, with the way you are now." 

I try and think if I should bring out my artwork from my bag or pull out my phone, thinking maybe I was too casual and not business minded enough, I try to stand up for myself saying "I was only trying to be friendly, you haven't seen me clean up for a business environment yet," but the two women seem to completely ignore me at this point. I decide to leave, maybe I can try another day. I head back outside, it's a bit more light out, but very grey and cloudy. I head north again and come across another shop that looks open, curious what could be inside. 

After navigating my way around a dark hallway, I move to the right and it opens up into a beautiful warmly lit foyer, with a beautiful amber-colored wooden desk and an older women and bespectacled man sitting behind it. To my left at this point is what seems to be dark metal filigree / latticework diving this foyer to the other part of this establishment. I walk up to the desk curious, greet each other with Good Mornings, and the man asks me, "What are you doing in a restaurant at 6am?" I laugh it off, explaining that I am new to the area and am just exploring and getting acquainted with the shops around here. I know this is a lie, but I really don't know what shops are around here. 

We have some chitchat, all three of us, and then the Man offers to show me some kind of device - I think it plucked chickens? - and that he will be right back, he just has to drive it over from the back. I figure I am not in a rush and agree to stay and wait. I am standing, waiting to the right side of this front desk still, and somehow some used plates show up on the desk. There is a Woman and younger Girl waiting in this Foyer-room now, I think they are wanting or waiting to pay for their food. I notice the plates are shiny/greasy in what I deduce is olive oil from some different plate/bottle that is on the stack.
Yeah I was rather sad/upset about the obvious rejection. Especially since she seemed so confident and powerful, I believed in her and her power, it was a real blow to be told she wouldn't bother with me. But I'm glad I didn't just "give up" in the dream! And then I met some nicer people who wouldn't judge me so hastily. Smile

Yeah the powder was odd, haha! It was like the texture of used eraser but a green color. It seemed to stick to her chin really badly especially, LOL

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