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Never-Ending Grocery Trip 7.19.15
I'm checking things online and I notice a social media post from my Sister in Law, it's making a mention of how she had 2 children, and is now only down to 1. Really confused and alarmed, I call up family to find out what's going on. I talk with her and she explains that my Niece/Goddaughter passed away. I press her to find out what happened, and she explains that her and Nephew were messing around playing. He was pushing/sitting on her back and then she started coughing within the hour. At some point she started struggling to breath, and eventually there was nothing more they could do. 

A scene of walking down a sunny street/sidewalk in a suburban area with small trees. I think I am with someone else. 

I am heading to the Grocery store and the car, a black SUV, is parked at the far end of the lot by a tree. I know it is about 3:30-4pm and it is sunny outside. I head inside and start shopping for all sorts of items. I think Husband is with me. There is all sorts of weird zaniness of trying to find items, losing items, items are not in stock. Eventually my cart is filled to the brim with all sorts of food and house necessities. I go to check-out, but it is taking a long time. There are all sorts of issues, whether the computer isn't working or scanning improperly, items don't seem to exist, etc. My cashier is a longtime online Friend of mine, and we are just chatting away and probably also taking our time. We are joking around about how ridiculous the situation is. 

Eventually it is taking so long, there is a cashier shift change, and I have another younger inexperienced cashier. They are really overwhelmed that I still have stuff to scan, and there is starting to be a line behind me. At one point an older woman tries to cut in front of me at the end of the register stand, "Hey can you check out? I just need to buy this, it's only $4" and I laugh saying "I wish!" she rolls her eyes and tries to find some other register. I am looking around for my other reusable shopping bags. A much older heavy woman behind me is just waiting, sighing. The cashier decides to start ringing her up, but explains to me that the bills will still be separate, they just want to move things along. I kind of shrug and go along with it. 

When they finish ringing up the items, I start yelling "Wait!! Everybody stop!" and I am looking for, then pulling out my rewards card lanyard from my bag and hand it over. The cashier then tries to TYPE IN my rewards number, but I feel impatient and scan it on the belt myself. I was feeling good about getting credit/coupons for two carts. I head back to the car, it is already dark, the moonlight is shining off the ground like there is snow along the parking lot. The car is still where I left it. Husband seems to reappear at this point, and we comment about how the trip took 4 hours. 

Day Residue: Reminds me of some things that had happened on Friday afternoon. Did do a lot of shopping, and there was a mixup made at one of the stores and I had to get merchandise credit back, which I was actually really mad about. I almost requested to "return" everything and start over, but I dropped it because there was already people making a line behind us, but the cashier had screwed up pretty badly. I had a phone conversation with my Brother, and he told me about my Niece' sports team being knocked out, but may sign up for a different team. I personally find their whole dedication to her sports very overwhelming and suffocating. Both events occurred at the same store.  And recently a few people in dreams have taken the appearance of characters from a Netflix show, but it's only their looks that are the same.

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