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no intent
mood: aggravating
location: I have no idea!

I have a pen and paper tablet in my hands.

I am trying to compose a poem related to my dreams.
I need it to be in rhyme.
I keep inventing first lines and then stumble trying to rhyme the second line.
I get lines that sound right for one verse and then the second verse won't work.
I get frustrated, trash what I have written and start over again.
I can see in my mind the actions that I want to write about but I keep crapping out on the words.

I skim the water when I body surf and I can walk on water like I walk on dirt.
I fly the sky just like a bird and can go out in space to look at Earth.

I dance all night in beautiful places that are long times gone.
I see art works that have not yet been done.
I drink the finest wine and also the kind that will destroy your mind.
I eat food at the royal banquets and dine with fools not born yet.

I keep thinking "trash, trash, trash! " rip it up.

I guess all my dream abilities will never be spoken about in a poem.

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