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Overwhelming Possession
This is one of the worst nightmares I've ever had.

Where my memory sets in, I was living placidly in an alternate, larger version of my apartment with my roommate, wife, and two cats on a very high second (third, fourth?) floor. There was a massive deck outside of the sliding glass door that extended out maybe 25 to 30 feet. I was enjoying myself.

At some point while I was inside, I looked outside and saw our indoor cats on the deck with a few other stray cats. I was shocked that they managed to get up so high, and I began to get concerned about having too many cats on my hands. They began to multiply; by jumping from surrounding trees/structures or seemingly reproduced through mitosis. There were cats of all patterns and colors, except for full black.

I began to become extremely anxious, as there were probably 50 cats on the deck. Even at this number, more cats continued to appear. I could see on the ground there was a young woman tending to a very tall tree in her backyard. She watched me, completely ignoring this strange torture I was enduring. A small section of the deck began to collapse and there was a small hole that was about 1 foot by 6 inches. She looked at me, knowing of my temptation. I could not resist myself, and I looked right at the woman and pushed a cat through the hole with my foot.

It landed on the ground right next to the woman. She looked at me blankly, slightly perturbed. I felt terrible, but for that one cat there were 100 chaotically moving about. Larger parts of the deck splintered in upheaval and a storm raged overhead. I looked at this woman through the hole as she walked over and picked up the kitten that lay on the ground. Then her disposition change to a dark sadism. She moved into a position to throw the cat back onto the deck through the hole, but it was at least 50 feet off the ground. I knew that she knew she could not throw it that high, yet she did it anyway with this terrible smirk while maintaining eye contact with me. The cat flew up, then fell back to the ground in cringe-inducing barbarism. She continued to do it, smiling, with her intentions to torture me clear as the day once was overhead. I experienced the selfish act I had done, over and over through a stranger's hands.

I stood up and ran inside, dodging the planks of the deck that displaced and fell. I became completely overwhelmed and this dream sequence blacked out and I awoke in a new, alternative version of my apartment.

This one was older, about the same height up with no deck. But the apartment was shaped like a zero or oval, separated in the middle into two apartments. One side being ours, and one side being our presumed neighbors. There were two doorways leading directly into the neighbor's side, and my bedroom was in a side hallway a few feet from one of the dividing doors. I was moving in and we(I) were in the early stages of establishing locations for our furnishings and belongings.

This is when our neighbors came to move in. They entered through our door and they sat their belongings on our side. I tried to explain to them there was a separate apartment just through the two doors down the hallways, but they ignored me. More members of their family came in and sat their belongings down too. I looked at the presumed patriarch and implored him to leave our house while he completely ignored me like I wasn't there.

Just like the previous segment, people continued to enter my dwelling and place their belongings there until there were 20 strangers crowding this small apartment. They all had this strange blank stare, almost grinning, like the woman by the tree. At one point I grabbed a butcher knife from the knife holder and threatened to stab them if they did not stop intruding upon me. This did not work, and I grabbed a fireplace poker and began swinging it around. This started to work, and they began to very slowly funnel into their side of the apartment. Eventually, they were all behind the doors, and I locked the padlock of the door close to my bedroom.

As I was locking it, the wood around the padlock began to splinter like the deck, and the wood separated slightly letting a strange light through. I began to panic, completely exhausted. Hands and eyes peeked through the holes, then the boards that made the door separated. I stood in front of the door, watching the hallway warp as they all tried to come through the door all at once. The looks on their faces were these strange, soulless grins and stares.

I must have fled the apartment, as in the next segment I was in a shopping center, perhaps a mall. There were people all around, none of them looking at me. I felt slightly relieved while still completely exhausted from the husks invading my apartment. I felt sick. Like I was deep in the grips of a heavy pestilence. I walked to the bathrooms to find a sink to wash my face.

After splashing cold water on my face, I looked up into the mirror. My face was clammy and my eyes had massive dark circled around them. This deep dread overwhelmed me, and in the milisecond where I blinked my eyes, I could see the black cat demon's face overlapping mine. I ran out of the bathroom, making a scene, and grabbed my wife to leave. I could not see the stranger's faces, as they seemed to ignore me as we rushed by (Thank God!).

Close to the exit, we were met with slight human congestion and we had to slow our pace. I noticed one man looking at me, who was on the other side of the bar in the line coming into the mall. He asked me about my pestilence, and I saw him as someone who could empathize with my curse. My wife jabbed me, signalling she felt uneasy about his interest in me. He told me he was an analyst and he told me his name, which is the only detail I forget. We exchanged contact information and I awoke to reality, experiencing true relief that these dreams were over, as I thought they were real.
Wow. Sorry you had to go through this.

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