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Search Feature (basics + advanced)
The NDC's new website is fully searchable and located here:

Most of the functions are relatively self-explanatory. For example, if you know that the item you are searching for is in the Public Dreams forum, then you can select that in the second section of the search form called "Search in Forum(s)." Someone wanting to see bananas in just the dreams should type "banana" in the first form field, click on Public Dreams in the "Search in Forum(s) field, and then click search at the bottom.

If you're wanting information from two or more forums, you can press 'ctrl' + left mouse click on the forums you are interested in searching.

Searching for MULTIPLE WORDS
If you want to search for two or more separate words or If you are getting an enormous amount of hits on your search and want to narrow it down, you can conduct an advanced search like this:

1. Use the same search form from before.
2. In the search field, type individual words like this: xx AND yy AND zz, where xx, yy, and zz are individual search words.
For example, I remember a DreamBot run that had Rock and Balcony in it, and I want to find it. In the first field, I type 'rock AND balcony' (without the quotations). Voila, the results indicate a single DreamBot run with both Rock and Balcony in it:

Note: If you have found more tidbits about the search form that have helped you out, please share those ideas here. If you have any specific questions about the search form, you are welcome to do that here
Thank you for this post. I am always trying to find words from bots.
I find this search feature a big help and most of the time it's, IMO, perfect.

Just yesterday and today when I try to search for bot runs that the name or acronym? "sam" is in, it doesn't work, doesn't recognize "sam" as a word. It claims that oh no, sorry to personify it, LOL "same" is what I am looking for.

It gives me a list of links, I click on them and it will say even 10 hits of sam there, but they're all the word "same" with "sam" highlighted as a hit.

This almost feels like complaining. Eagle1 and your team of mods, you've got a wonderful website here, and this is the very first thing I've ever found that's a glitch, just so ya know.

Nanny is right. I tried to eliminate all results with 'same' in it, and I tried to do it by typing "Sam" (with the quotes)

However, "sam" is still inside the word 'same'

I then tried "Sam " (with a space after 'm' and before quote). Apparently Mybb truncates the space before it searches.

HOWEVER, I have a work-around, although it's not a very convenient one...

I tried "Sam a" and got only three returns. In the bot run, 'sam' was next to 'assume,' so it picked up "sam a"

You could do 26 searches, one for each of the letters. It's a pain, but it works.
It works so I'll try it when at my desk for awhile. I've done rather laborious searches in the past, bet we all have. Sometimes we have to have two or three windows open at NDC and then I wonder if I'm wasting bandwidth or costing you something extra. Now's a good time to mention this as my way of asking.
Nope, don't worry about bandwidth or extra expenses, but thank you for your concern. Try new things; there's probably something I overlooked. Use the advanced options and try narrowing the results by time or a specific forum (e.g. just the DreamBot Runs). Let me know if you find anything that works better.
Will do, and hey, felt like Mr. Bot messed with us a tad. "Sam" is in today's bot run, in fact it's not too far from the top of the list. Wink

Will do if I find anything else that works.
Am glad the bandwidth isn't an issue per windows open. Having runs side-by-side is a great help.
Wow, never crossed my awareness. Check it out, Nanny: Sam Pillow. I bet bot is speaking to you, saying that Sam is going to go to sleep now (i.e., that name won't be appearing in the runs anymore). Wait and see Smile
Well, "join the club" as the old cliche goes. I didn't catch "sam pillow" as likely saying what it indeed may.
Yep, will be watching. That near top of the list is either loudly what you suggest or more coming, perhaps.

Editing this in quickly, Eagle1! I'd be remiss if I didn't remind both of us this. I think it was just yesterday that I made a comment to you in the "Reputation" window. I said that I hoped more bot runs talk to you! Dig that....ahem.
Thanks Eagle for setting this all down for us to digest and play with. Important for new members to see and understand how to process what's already there. I think it's important for new members to also understand that the NDC needs interpreters and bot researchers as well as precog dreamers! Just because you don't have precognitive dreams, doesn't mean you wouldn't have an INCREDIBLE skill at teasing out the meaning on old Mr. Bot.
Hi, Aletalete! Yes, it has been a long time and it's good to "see" you again!

Eagle recently updated the site so old links may not work any more(Don't quote me on that,however. Wink ). Here's the link for the public dreams area:

Public Dreams

Let me know if that doesn't work for you.

Welcome back!

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