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One more water dream
Intention: I would like to have dreams about significant events that will occur from Sep. 20th to Sep. 25th

I had no significant dreams until after I got up and gave some attention to my cats, which for the life of me I don't know what they wanted.

In my dream, I was lap swimming in a chlorinated pool. I was having no difficulty with the swimming, but I was having great difficulty with breathing, even though my head was properly out of the water. I was not breathing the water, the air just wouldn't come in. The pool was not particularly deep.

NOTE: I wound up waking up from this dream intentionally; my face had turned down into the pillow at some time during the dream, occluding my nose and mouth making it difficult to breathe. I believe this happened during the dream, not beforehand.

I can't think of any day residue to make me dream about swimming. I also had a dream about swimming earlier in the week, I don't recall what intention if any I had. In that dream I was swimming quickly and don't recall issues. Oddly I haven't done any swimming this year, and probably won't do any swimming for the rest of the year.

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