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Testing the Face of the Astral Body
Dream June 22, 2014 (summer solstice) about 04:00 to 07:00 am
Testing the Face of the Astral Body

I am in a range of the learning level, where it comes to the R4-body. It could be the "City Kor":
All bodily functions work fine. I walk through the "building of my body" and find myself along well and am well oriented. If I'm looking for something, I can find it. Everything is well furnished, clean and works properly.

I moved on into a doctor's office. A handful of physicians work there and and also an orthopedist I know in the real world here who works multidimensionally. But he is younger, slimmer and has full hair. I would say he is in his "best imaginable shape".

He watched me shortly and is pleased with my condition but obviously a little surprised about my development. Thoughtfully he walked along. We are not talking to each other.

I go on to sort of a 'ladies room'. While I'm on the way I notice how I'm growing higher than my body, about 1 to 1½ meter higher than my actual body height. I remember how my sister (in the real world here) said that she sometimes experienced this phenomenon. Great, I think. I'm also experiencing this kind of shapeshift, excellent! I'm trying to stabilize the feeling, I'm mindful and move further into the 'ladies room'. Still in the corridor I look inside and I see may be 10 white washhandbasins framed by dark marble all around. The walls are allover covered with huge mirrors. The uppermost row of mirrors near the ceiling is inclined downward at an angle of 45°. The floor is bright and the ceiling is black. There are no windows. The room is about 10m².

I enter the room, approach one of the washhandbasins straight ahead, look into the mirror and see my face. But it looks a bit different than usual and it shows easy make up. The skin is very bright. Especially the eyes attract my attention. The iris is light blue, the pupils are very enlarged, the eyelashes are very long and with mascara applied to them. Approximately 2-3 eyelashes form a small accurately pointed bundle. There is a strong black eyelid line, too. Outwards it is painted wider and ends in a classic wing.

Then I bend my head back slightly and suddenly recognize that what I'm seeing here is not my R4-body-face, but my R5-body-face (i.e. this is an astral-level-mirror). My normal R4 face I now can see about 50 to 70 cm further down. I step back a bit and now I'm able to see both faces simultaneously.

I compare the two faces. The R5 face looks much more ladylike. It has little similarity with a museum curator whose appearance and demeanor I greatly admired on 20th November 2013 at the opening of an exhibition titled "In the Temple of the Self". Although not "woken up", she radiated absolute, risk-seeking dedication and absolute discipline. She was painted discreetly. Her clothes were ultra conservative with pearl necklace, so not my thing. But the way she realized this huge, huge project, her discipline and the enormous diligence, her concise, perfect opening speech, read stylish at sight, all that I admired without any reservation.
But it could also be that the title of the exhibition "In the Temple of the Self" is the reason of the metaphoric encryption in my dream. Anyway.

I see both faces simultaneously, but the R5-face is much more flexible and metamorphic. I try out a few light-hearted thoughts and feelings. The face reacts immediately, very lively. The forms that arise are absolutely fascinating. What a wealth, what a variety of forms! (Thanks to the internet in our today-world we can see a plethora of images that mirror the never ending overabundance of human creativity, too). I now completely understand the quote of Karl Kiesewetter "every thought, every word and every action owns a permanent and living magical existence, which propagates the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light in a real way." (Karl Kiesewetter, Occultism in Antiquity, 2nd edition 1896 [reprint Olms 1987] p 311).

I'm thrilled with this auspicious astral-mirror setting and I get very curious... This is the moment to start some experiments. I feel excited to test out a feeling of the realm of the "Black Sun" (i.e. evil). But only very briefly, just a touch, because this affects my face, it affects me! Because I know: its all about my energetic appearance. But now, for the sake of research, it has to be. I must do this.

So I'm testing "negative judgment about another", "rejection" something in that direction (for example, rejection of ultraconservative clothing). My face R5 reacts immediately. It looks old, the make-up looks like brittle cement, deep ruts everywhere, suffering, neglect, squalidness. Immediately I understand what the so-called "Drunken Old Woman" represents (see 2 pictures).


But I can still recognize me. I strain myself and try to smile slightly. The teeth are widely spaced. I now understand the sentence of Homer: something escapes the bawn of the teeth, and J.W. von Goethe, Reynard the Fox: (Chapter 4: Reynard on his favorite and youngest son Greyskin) his sweet little teeth stand goody-goody (i.e. displayed in all beauty) around his sweet little mouth.

I turn off "rejection" to see if I can change back again. Instantaneously my face is completely intact. Wow. I breath a sigh of relief. But now I feel encouraged to try something stronger, e.g. "hostility". Instantly my face turns into a ferocious grimace that shakes a little back and forth (see picture of an African Mask; very close).


Nothing is left of me, nothing. I'm totally gone. The grimace looks remotely similar like African masks, it's black, brown, white with a few colors (there was no  vertical band with blue and white pearls on my dream-mask). I am amazed at the totality of the transformation and turn off "hostility" immediately.
I startled and woke up immediately.

What I learned from this experiment: I'm now very clear that in R5 you never, really never, not a thousandth part of a second should allow an intense negative emotion. This is the "Power of Thought-Consciousness". You will manifest these thoughts & emotions sooner or later in R4 as interference. The length of time until something is manifested out of R5 into R4 is 1 Gaud (heard on December 24, 2012 approximately at 7:00 am). The time between the action of the spiritual body and the action or experience of the physical body is 1 Gaud. (The spiritual body lives 2 to 4 days vibrationally ahead, says Ac Tah December 3rd 2011 and December 5th 2011).

After this experiment, in my opinion, it is also wrong to produce such apotropaic faces at all, as a preventive counter spell so to speak. But almost all cultures do this. It is, in my opinion, much better to totally refrain from this sort of magic in R4.
Now I understand completely, what it means when people put on makeup or body-paint or tattoos (e.g. Reinhard Gammenthaler, see picture). They try to project their energetic appearance out of R5 into R4.


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