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Bloody Horses
My second dream for the night was totally bizarre.

Without anything in the form of context, here is what I saw.... It was a plastic whitish transparent cup spinning on a mechanism. Then inside the cup were two horses, two normal sized horses. Now, I know now these two things cannot happen, but in the dream I was simply observing.

One normal sized cup, and two normal sized horses inside that cup. More importantly, the horses were on their sides with their back against the wall of the cup. They appeared to be stuck in this cup and when they were moving their hooves, they were trying to get up. However, just like most animals do, as they failed to get up, they started to get really freaked out and started wildly throwing their legs around to a foot holding. Well, all of a sudden there was blood starting to flow. The two horses were literally (and accidentally) trampling each other. I don't remember whether both of the horses were tan colored, but I specifically remember one of them tan. Obviously, the hide turned red after the blood showed up. Both horses were really bloody.

Totally weird dream. I'm sure this is metaphoric for something, but why horses? I haven't been dealing with horses at all or haven't seen any recently. The cup itself IS probably day residue, as I filled several of these plastic cups with ice water last night at Chucky Cheese.
Horses pull wagons -
Horses (pregnant) also are abusively contained in order to give urine for human pharmaceuticals.
Humans pee in cups for lab tests. We give blood for lab tests.

(08-18-2015, 11:43 AM)Sherriann Wrote: Horses pull wagons -

broken wagon wheels are business loss, job loss, journey cancelled
wagon wheels- unhappy marriage or mating.

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