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Intention- Project September Sept 30th.

Two (2) came back in symbols.
Two administrative meetings taking place each on opposite coasts.
I saw two red sweaters with crosses. Many nurses and doctors, the doctors were busy; the supervising nurses were all in meetings trying to determine how to teach housekeeping staff the most efficient way to clean out debris (glass shards) and dust from under all the beds. Curious why cleaning under beds was an issue instead of helping people.
I saw people sleeping in dumpsters. The admin nursing people were offered to help the people in the dumpsters but recoiled at this and asked for cookies instead (to go with their coffee). It reminded me of Maire Antoinette.

I saw blown glass. Beautiful artful works all in pieces just after they were blown.

My sense was the red cross was in three triangulated areas. NYC, New Mexico, Tacoma/Seattle.

The glass could be actual blown glass art or glass blown apart. Metaphors abound here especially with the red sweaters/crosses and the two's. cleaning something up under covers or beds.

No emotions, just familiar observation.
Could be residue as I worked in hospitals in all three areas.

There is a very large joint military base near Tacoma
There is Los Alamos and Sandia Labs, White Sands range and military bases in New Mexico
NYC is the financial hub of Wall St. and the UN.

It all felt 'tied in' and amorphous like it was happening all at once in all three places.
In my dream this morning, I lied about having read chapter TWO for class.
Two was in my dream for project September once again today.

Red is a big overlap now as well with different dreams.
All the big predictions have dates that start with two. But then again, September 2nd is also a date

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