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The #2, water and Korea
There was more to this dream than I remember but I will give you what I can recall.
There was an an outline of a land mass shown to me like a digital projection. The screen background was white and the the land mass a single outline color of perhaps a blue. I did not recognize the land but it was similar to a large circular/oval island. 2 flashing lights on opposite sides of the land mass started blinking. Like warning lights. One east coast and one west cost, similar latitudes. A message was said which I can't remember. Then an image of a faucet spigot was shown projected over the land mass with water running out of the spigot full blast.
Then the following words... "Like Korea".

I jolted awake with the "like Korea" message. I did not think the land mass was Korea. It did not look Korea. It did not feel anything like Korea. Korea could be about emphasizing the number 2, as in North Korea and South Korea are 2 Koreas. I think I jolted awake because the Korena reference came out of nowhere. No context.
When I saw the land mass I thought to myself, "is this supposed to be Australia? The U.S.? It was more round than Australia but I was feeling perhaps Australia. The width was similar. There was no noticeable connecting land like Mexico or Canada. I don't believe this was supposed to be an accurate map however but the flashing lights were emphasizing east and west and were the same latitude. It is possible there were 2 water events happening at the same time or a water event happening at the same time a different event was happening. They were both major issues.
Yeah, I think you articulated the punchline very well. "2 flashing lights on opposite sides of the land mass started blinking"

My take away (without combining this with anyone else's dream) is that this is not predicting an event but rather predicting HOW an event will unfold. If it's a war, it will be a double flank invasion. If a water catastrophe, then east and west coast....and on and on. This is just my take, and more importantly, this is without any analysis of the group dreams.
Surely the East West warning lights aren't about Fukishima contamination?

Here's the west coast side:
#4 ...I am not going to ask if this could get worse because you know what that means.

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