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8/22/15 Meet Luke: The next Underwear bomber?
Trending: swing kindergarten underwear luke debris devil wolf niece rag entirely stepped blew fantastic guest thanks planning backward tribe relationship beginning night casual wonderful changing covering wore awesome corner comments lucid proper file uncle knows boy because easy construction inspired there
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<----- DISCUSSION ----->
If the dreambot is keeping an accurate score for the higher spiritual battle, then we are all just screwed. “Devil” seems to be taking the lead lately. Interesting having “Wolf” coincident with Devil (i.e., ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing……are we expecting some evil trickery?)

In general, the scores in this run are relatively low, but we did have an eye-watering amount of positive scores (238 vs the typical 90-120ish).

The first few words make me question whether LUKE will be the next Underwear bomber, and will take place in a Kindergarten as school starts soon.

Group 1: Seems to resonate with “Devil Wolf” who might be planning to have a “Backward Relationship” or some sort of Tribal Relationship.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:                                                                        
Yesterday we had: inner shooting sad uncategorized lifted truck luke bigger
Today: underwear luke debris devil wolf niece rag entirely stepped blew
Yesterday I almost posted this thought but didn't.  It looks like there is going to be a terror incident regarding "Luke".  Other than a person named Luke, there are 2 types of Luke I can think of.  A hospital (St. Luke) or the Air Force Base in AZ. While either could be the target of terrorism, I would put more weight on Luke Air Force Base.
There were references to a shooting yesterday and a bomb both days. (truck lifted, debris, blew). That seems like a  truck bomb.  Wolf is a typical word in botruns to signify a lone wolf terror act. With inner shooting yesterday, that could be the Air Force shooting at the attacker,  not just an attacker shooting at them.  I am not sure  if niece has anything to do with this meme.

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention a church would fit also, St Luke. Big Grin

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