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On the move again
I am traveling again, this time with my significant other by car. We are in a city setting, an unfamiliar one, and I am attempting to look up the nearest Home Depot on Google Maps. We find it and go inside. He goes to a register and was printing a list out. As usual, we split the list and I go off looking for my items. As usual, I get done with mine first and can't find him. I think to myself it's unusual that I don't have my usual line of old guys following me through the store trying to help me. (I know my way around Home Depot!) The store seems strangely deserted, although there are a few customers and employees around.

I start to look around, even making my way back through their offices, which are darkened. No one stops me. I'm getting a little irritated that I can't find him, and wonder if he's even inside. I go out to the parking lot and run into two co-workers (which is odd because the town isn't familiar) and ask if they've seen him. No one has seen him at all.
Sounds like the employee got up and traveled away. Any impressions on where he went? Better yet, WHY? Thanks for another PS dream!
it seems like the employees maybe were on the move too. As for my SO, I was getting a little irritated, and a little panicky that I couldn't find him. Then the blasted alarm went off....

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