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August 28 dreams
Intention: "What will be the state of the world on September 30, 2015?" 2 dreams from the night of August 28, 2015. Much stronger emotional content in these dreams. Day residue= My grandson Mason started Kindergarten this week.

Underground play space, more beds and sleeping: I am keeping my grandson overnight. The parents have gone out for a romantic evening. Mason and I are playing in a large underground indoor space. All open with no walls. The small section we are in is well lit with toys, an area rug and little learning stations like I remember from kindergarten. Adjacent is an art area with fancy garage type flooring. The space goes back for such a great distance that it is dark and I can't see how really large this space is. After a while a group of maybe sorority girls come in and start working on an arts and crafts project. A little later a large group of children and some coaches come in like a youth athletics group and go back toward the dark area. It becomes light back there and I can see there is an indoor sports field and they are going to play a game. Probably baseball. I tell Mason it's time to go and we start to leave. My sister comes in and we begin to talk about something in a basket. The next thing I know I am waking up in my bed. I can't remember getting in bed, I can't remember putting Mason to bed! I panic and jump out of bed. Where is Mason? I'm so afraid. I run to the other side of the room and see Mason asleep on the other side of the bed beside my husband. Mason has EKG wires attached to his chest. I am so relieved to see Mason safe I don't even ask why he has on EKG electrodes. I ask my husband when he put Mason to bed but he doesn't answer me - he's sleeping. I go and get back in on my side of the bed and realize I am not awake. This is a dream. I wake up.

Earthquake with underground water waves and chased in the basement: I am on vacation in a large southern US city. I have bought boxes and boxes of flea market/ thrift store type stuff. A small earthquake happens. I start loading my boxes into my car which looks like an old blue station wagon. I see a closed circuit TV video of an underground swimming pool with bleachers on both long sides of the pool. Another bigger earthquake occurs and I can see the water in the pool making large waves and water splashing out. The waves get bigger and more violent. A large black net falls from the ceiling across the whole pool and people are trapped under it. The shaking stops. A large man comes outside and is angry with me because I am leaving in "his time of need". I decide to stay and help. I start to unpack my car and take a box back into the hotel which is more like a bed and breakfast. A portion of the second floor has collapsed and fallen into the first floor. A bedridden women is trapped in rubble and must be rescued she is surrounded by a hydroponic gardening system with green vines, cucumbers and squash. Someone asks me what I would do if there is another earthquake. I answer that I would load up my stuff and go. This makes the hotel owners angry and they go to get a gun to kill me because I would desert them. I am scared and run downstairs to a basement to hide. A women named Rose is down there. She is very sick, pale, sweaty, confused. I think she is having a diabetic reaction. A nurse comes to help her. I tell her how important it is we get home. I hear the people with guns coming. I try to hide, then my family shows up and begins to fight the gun people off. My son gets shot in the eye with a nail gun. Then I am at a hospital. Its chaos with people running around confused. The hospital has been "hacked".
overlaps here. (as a marker to remember this)
Beds, hospitals, waves, earthquakes.

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