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Wild drive
I did the September intention. Dream time was around 5:30 AM.

In the dream, I am driving a car. I don't know the specific type, I believe some type of sedan, not a super high end luxury model. I am driving someplace with one of my friends. We start to head into an area that is a canyon on both sides; the lanes are somewhat wide, and there are more curves in the road. The road is going downhill, and the grade picks up so it is steeper. I hit the brakes, but they aren't doing anything, so I decide I'd better drive really well. It is still two way traffic. I see one person is going over the midway divider; I swerve to the right and avoid a head-on collision. My fried in the passenger seat says "yeah, they designed these roads to be really wide because that happens a lot". I keep going, its not like I can stop, the brakes weren't working. Another car comes into my lane and I have to dodge it again. The curves in the road now have very steep banking, almost like a race track, which keeps the cars on the road.

Up ahead is a tunnel. As I go into the tunnel, the grade becomes extraordinarly steep. I turn the lights on, but the grade is so steep I am seeing the ceiling, not the road in front of me. This goes on for a short time, and then it levels out. The car now slows down and stops on its own - right at a toll booth. I pay the toll and we go into wherever it was we were going. My friend says there's a cruise terminal to the right, but we don't want to go there.

Dream ends.

NOTE: I would say I was a little nervous doing the driving, but not especially so. Even when the cars were coming head-on, it was not really a scary thing.

Has me wondering if we're going to see more roller-coaster action in the stock market come the end of September. Or maybe the universe is just trying to say buckle up, its going to be a wild ride.
This dream overlaps with Eagle's Bad Driver dream with Dr. Phil .
Yes, Twice. You are very correct. Striking resemblance.

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