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Freeway driving, can't get the right off ramp
I was in a city which reminded me somewhat of L.A.. I was driving a car and on the freeway. Much of the city was concrete. Concrete buildings, roads, and pavement. There were many overpasses and off ramps and the freeways were only 2-3 lanes. There was a good amount of traffic but it flowed very quickly. Almost too quickly. The speed the cars were traveling was quite fast. There was a specific destination I kept attempting to get to, but no matter how many times I tried, I could not catch the correct off ramp. I either couldn't make a lane change in time or took the wrong exit ramp which would force me in the opposite direction. I would spend extra time trying heading back to the correct location to take MY off ramp. This occurred over and over again. I woke up before I got to my destination. There was no GPS, though I don't often use one. I was frustrated because I am VERY good with directions in waking life.
More traveling.

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