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Relocation Meme
Intent: To obtain further information/clarification about the packing/moving/relocation meme.

I felt like an apparition looking out of the kitchenwindow at the cottage. I was looking at a man in a blue jacket sitting in a folding chair by a large campfire complete with a firetop stove. He had a tent pitched also ans it felt like he had beenthere for a while.

I looked out the living room window and saw about a dzin women arriving. They all looked the same - 50s ear length brown hair, beige long sleeved t-shirt and light brown pants. Even their faces were the same. Daughter-in-law was unlocking their trailer and didn't seem to notice them. I was happy to see that she looked healthy with her long blonde hair braided andwrapped around her head. She has very short hair now because of chemo.

Next, I am cleaning out the cottage. My grandgirlz were helping me sweep leaves out from under the bed. It was if the cottage had been abandoned and open to the elements for a time. My black sweat pants were getting dirty; full of white fuzz. I went to change them and this is followed by an episode that I'd rather not go into where I was begging one of these women to get something for me. The women had made their way into the cottage and were standing around, some smiling, some giggling and some looking shocked. Finally, one of them volunteered to help.

I am now back in the city in my  house. I'm cleaning it, too, because it seemed that it had also been abandoned and inhabited by squaters for a while. The clues were  the dirty machine parts I was hauling out of the basement and the red bucket of some hardened goop that I found beside the furnace that my husband told me was plaster.

Often times my dreams have double meanings - the intent and personal. I'll deal with the personal. *L*
Wow, outstanding idea, sherriann!! I think I'll try this tonight. Don't hold your breath though Smile

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