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Group of politicians, Angela Merkel and "The Castinates"
Dream Sunday, January 11, 2015

Group of politicians, Angela Merkel and "The Castinates"

Please note: I never met Angela Merkel or any other of these politicians in person. I'm far off this kind of people, unless -- very occasionally -- in my thoughts.

Dream-technique guidelines:
In recent days (turn of the year), there were quite a few long dreams with many events, but the recall (= videre) was bad. This content does not reach R4 - awareness properly.
On Wednesday, 01/07/15 we had KP7 after planetary alignment Earth/Mercury/Venus (
Since then, the weather is crazy, there were several attacks (especially Paris around 11:30 clock and my mother had a visitation on 7.1.

On January 10, my mother and I observed iridescent clouds at home.
Which means the atmosphere is electrically charged. Very good condition for multidimensional work!!

(comp. Corey Goode "Electric Sun";
Immanuel Velikovsky 1931,

I read Emil Stejnar, The Thebaic Calendar (2012) the chapter about the "I am", simply marvelous.

On January 10, I saw a new photo of Mikhail Gorbachev in "Der Spiegel" no. 3/2015 of Denis Siniakov (see picture).


It pounced on me (hence contact in his noossphere was possible). He warns about a great war in Europe. I heard the voice of Angela Merkel on the radio saying something about refugee issues in a pleasant way, comprehensible and sensible (see; hence contact in her noossphere was possible.
I read Steven Greer "The Crossing Point" (1998), which led to complete detachment from our planet-scenario.

Dreamtime from 05:00 to 07:30 am (videre in recall only poor)

I am in a large kind of 'hotel', a high building, on a floor near the top. A meeting of about 30-40 politicians takes place. I can't identify those politicians, because I am standing in a hallway outside the meeting room and only look at them from a distance.
In the hallway members of their staff and 'hotel' service are busy running around. I stand between them, but have no job to do. I'm just watching. Although I do not know if they can see me, for safety reasons I decide to behave inconspicuously, to prevent them kicking me out (I'm not fully lucid).

There are no windows in the hallway and the curtains in the meeting room are drawn. So nobody can have a glance outdoors. The lighting in the meeting room is gloomy. In the left rear corner of the room there is a light source which radiates dull, dark yellow-green-brownish light only. In this atmosphere the politicians sit on separate chairs in a large circle (about 7m diameter). There are no tables. The meeting has not yet not started, everybody is busy, murmur of voices.

The staff and the service had done everything according to the rules of good hospitality, every single politician was given optimal appreciation. Everything was done in proper style and no disproportionate effort occured. They already have come that far, I thought satisfied. Best conditions for talks on eye level. But I also immediately felt clearly that I myself was not able to put up this professional framework. I don't know anything about official protocol. I'm not at all versed in this world of 'professional political encounter'...

Then I remember Helmut Kohl, who formerly belonged to these people. He has (still "sleeping" and caught in destructive mental patterns [see Legacy - The Kohl Protocols , 2014]) done his best for the development of Germany. He as an entity was completely aligned with his aim in life: he worked for it 7 days a week, sometimes 24 hours a day, without sleeping. Due to his lack of orientation in the noossphere (emotional incontinence and former Zeitgeist) he may have hurt many people and also may have been mistaken sometimes. But the bottom line is Germany owes a lot to him. He helped to overcome the division of Germany and many traumata of war.

In this circle and in such an environment they negotiate about such things today, I think to myself. I appreciate the circle without tables, but the environment with this kind of lighting and with curtained windows in my opinion was absolutely not appropriate to the great importance of the meeting...

Because the subject will be = the actual agenda of 2015. But Zeitgeist has changed at least: the digital media offer an unprecedented possibility of participation, we can build on former successes and failures, observing our collective psyche live. An enormous potential for enlightenment and evolution ...

When the talks begin, the doors will be closed and the staff and I are are not allowed. I know that. This hierarchic tradition denies me access. They will talk and negotiate without me. I even can't listen (I have to work on that)

Instantaneously I'm in a different room of the "hotel". It is a kind of lounge kept in red shades. The lounge is about 90m² size and max. 3m high. On two sides the outer walls of the lounge are built as huge windows. Accross from me there is a long window bank (about 12m), to my left bends a short window bank (about 4m) to 90°. It is evening and we are in a skyscraper high above a City. The lounge is lit of many small, bright light sources pleasantly and cozy, filled with upholstered chairs and full of people. I sit facing towards the the long window in a group of about 10 people and everybody talks about the world... I watch the scene.

Across from me, looking into the lounge, sits Angela Merkel absorbed in a conservation with a man. She is on the right, he is on the left. He asks questions about how she manages/controls processes that occur in her team and in politics. Maybe he is a reporter; I dont know. Angela Merkel willingly shares her knowledge. She wears a thin, close-fitting red knit sweater with V-neck and short sleeves. Her hairstyle is about the same as in the real world. She has lost weight considerably, almost reached pefect shape and I think to myself. "Wow, Angie already checked and solved the mind-body issue..." But her face but does not look young. She does not expand on diet, but on other themes from the "sleeping world" that I would rate kind of negligible.

During her explanations Angela Merkel moves very feminine and radiates Eros. Sometimes she is at a loss of words, I would like to prompt, but the terms do not come to my mind either. I'm very impressed, because this feminine appeal is really hidden in her normal daily appearance. I even momentarily get a bit envious of her, because she both radiates this feminine aspect and managed to become chancellor of Germany ... I restrain this impulse, because Angela Merkel actually has earned every appreciation. But I think she ought to actually talk about other things!

Suddenly she sits at 90 degrees to the left around the corner. Now the short window bank is in her back. She turns into conversation with other people to my left now. At least in the corner of her eyes she can see the large window bank.
Angela Merkel criticizes the scientists and states that she can not understand that scientists love to explore everything down to the smallest detail. Because this hinders the work on the whole. Would it not be sufficient to understand the framework and then monitor only on two or three sub-categories and describe them. And then from this data-base extrapolate the whole issue as far as possible. Her point was that we would loose a lot of creative potential for findings at front line, which we badly and quickly need for our understanding of the world as a whole and for evolution. (This is the fundamental question whether deductive or inductive science serves best)

For a moment I ponder a bit whether the criticism is justified. I can think of occasions, where such detailed data might be useful for scientists from other disciplines, unforeseeable.

I start to speak about that, but I begin to stumble. Angela Merkel grabs my beginning and says: "You can do that of course when it comes to each different mechanisms, just as you have done in your study on arched gates."

I'm surprised, but then I remember that I once gave her this text [didn't do that in the real world]. She obviously read it :-)). So I get back to speak:
"It can be useful to investigate into smallest detail even earlier cases: how we faced problems and how we piloted the processes. Suppose, for example, a past theater and the question how many Castinates have been employed to operate this theater, to keep it stable. This will not alter this specific theater that already happened and is over. But as an example of mechanics it can be important whether we had 2 Castinates at work or 4 or 5 or 6. And who employed how many in which situation and what was the outcome. This can be useful as comparison to the issue we face at present."

We start pondering over Castinates. What are Castinates? What are they good for? What do we know about them?

End of dream

Sunday, January 11th: research on the "Castinates": John Henry Blunt, Dictionary of Sects Heresies Ecclesiastical Parties and Schools of Thought (1874)
2 PDFs for download (one allows you to search; the other is incomplete)

General Castinat one of the so-called Camisards (Dictionary ... Book p. 99-101), a Calvinist faith group in France, also named "French Prophets" (s. Digitalisat p.145). They revolted from 1685 to 1705 against the tyranny Louis XIV.

Members, among others (Book p.100): Among these may be named Castinat, Catinat, Salomon, Cavalier, Rastelet, and Ravenal. ... In 1705 Castinat was broken alive on the wheel at Montpelier.

They have channeled, spoken in unknown languages and had appearances [Sights and Sounds] (Book pp. 100, 229 Note 1).

Off them springs the faith group of the Shakers, too (p. 281, 610). The leader of the Camisards was from about 1702 onwards a certain Roland (Book p. 100). Cavalier was accompanied on the field by a giant prophetess. Especially from 1702 to 1705 the Camisards led a bloody religious war against the Catholics under Louis XIV. Castinat was 1705 eventually stretched as a heretic in Montpelier alive on the wheel and killed.

Another source (not really relevant): Book page 162 (published 1755)

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