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Transfer of Jets
Intention: I will receive a dream that will explain the Project September relocation meme.

I am standing beside someone else and looking at two jets. Oh wow, these are two old F-15Es. Closer inspection, one by one, and I notice there are no names on the planes. All identification has been wiped off. The remaining paint scheme looks horrible. As I was thinking this, someone went over and touched up the main circular pattern with a paint brush. It looked better, but was still awful.

Instinctively I knew that these jets now belong to someone new. They have been transferred to someone else. Unfortunately, I don't know to whom they belong, and I don't know where they were physically located.

NOTES: If this dream was a true and full answer to my intentional request, my first inclination was that a new air war has started, but in reflection, I'm not so sure that this is what the dream was saying. In fact, it could be the opposite to where many of the older US jets get relocated to the boneyard in Arizona. Of course, the US is not the only country with F-15E-like jets (F-15S and F-15I basically the same jets from Saudi and Israel, respectively). But then again, I believe the F-15E in this case might be a metaphor since it was a big symbol in my life experience. F-15E symbolizes war and that would be a huge catalyst to get people moving even more than they are now.
Your analysis seems makes much sense. Perhaps there is nothing recognizable on the plane because ultimately, it doesn't matter who is warmongering. It is the effect that is causing the relocation. Dream intention answered. Smile
I don't know how to copy and paste on this @#%&%# tablet...

Going back to have a look at my 'Relocation Meme' dream that had the same intent as this one, I am seeing a broader, more encompassing view. That view is one of an attempt to go back to the way things were.... repaint the logo on the plane, clean the cottage and house afte years of non purposefull neglect. People move to try and better their lives. Is there any other motive for relocation?
Sherriann, I think you have just explained why I don't get "get on down the road" dreams any more! Thank you.

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